Top 10 Tips If You Plan to Visit Horton Plains

Horton Plains: Top 10 Tips to Remember Based on My Experience If you Visit Horton Plains

As we planned to visit Horton Plains early morning, everybody got up at 5:00 AM. I came out of the room at 6:00 AM and I was waiting on the road until others come.

Horton Plains

We took a memorable picture in the Horton Plains

I was about to leave to Horton Plains

It is very close to Horton Plains from Karunadasa Rest Rooms

It was a very very misty morning. I was so thrilled to see the morning fog but my friends were bit upset as they thought they would not be able to see Plains beauty properly 🙂

Things can happen but we must move forward with the obstacle !!!!. Everything is a great experience and everything happens for a good reason. this is what I believe

Anyway,,,, !!!! Lets Visit Horton Plains

The mist was so thick, we could not see each other

The mist was so thick, we could not see each other

Fog at Horton Plains entrance

Fog at Horton Plains entrance

Our Journey to Horton Plains

Karunadasa Rest Rooms at Pattipola gave us packed lunch and B’fast. It was a great help. we took our bottled water along with us.

I advised everybody not to take heavy bags as we had to hike 9km at the Horton Plains and also not to take many snacks to eat while hiking.

Be aware of  These: Do not take too many things in your bag: Have a small sack. It has to be very light. you can keep your whatever necessary in the vehicle. You would not be able to work properly if you take too many things in your bag.

You get very tired if you take too many things in your bag. Believe me, this is the truth 🙂

As humans, we are so greedy that we want to take everything along with us. We take too much food to eat but we can NOT eat all these things. Do remember this !!!!!!

The objective of hiking is NOT to eat and drink only so just carrying very few snacks would be enough.

We all left Karunadasa Rest Rooms at Pattipola at 6:45 AM. It was a beautiful morning for me as to where ever you look, you can only see the fog :-).

Cold & Misty atmosphere @@@###$$$$++++!!! . We are on the way to Visit Plains with our nagging Driver 🙂

What a beautiful surrounding to relax your mind and body.

It was a such amazing feeling

Anyway, we reached Horton Plains at 7:00 AM.

Car park area of Horton Plains

Car park area of Horton Plains. You can not take your vehicle beyond this place


Car park area of Horton Plains after the mist clear

Car park area of Horton Plains after the mist clear

The Main Entrance of the Plains

When we reached the Main Gate of the Horton Plains, we could NOT see the entrance properly.

How can we visit Norton Plain!!!! NOW !!!!

We got off from the vehicle to buy the tickets at the entrance and I was stunned by the atmosphere.

Of course for a guy who comes from Europe or any other cold country, you may not enjoy this atmosphere as you may hate it or it is a daily experience 🙂

I guess, the temperature was 15C and very thick mist. you can not even see each other.

Another car parking area

Another car parking area

We were very hungry so we ate our B’fast in front of the Horton Plains main gate and a couple of guys peed also.

Please note that there is no place to pee and it is up to you to find the places for it, if you need to pee.

The best advice, do not pollute the environments 🙂

Horton Plains

Horton Plains

While we were eating, a couple of foreigners came with the Tourist Guides.

Please read the rest of the story carefully.

As I mentioned to you, the atmosphere filled with thick fog.

One of the Chinees couples wanted to buy the entrance ticket but the Tour guide did not want to.

We met some friends

We met some friends in the National Park

How to navigate your vehicle during the Fog in Horton Plains

Tour Guide told me to tell them that “it is not a good time to visit Horton Plains due to this thick fog as they can not see anything in Horton Plains” but I told the Chinees couple that, it is quite ok to more forward as the fog will clear very soon.

I told the Chinese couple to tell the Tour guide to switch on the headlight of the vehicle so that he can drive the vehicle properly.

They did not understand what I told. then they asked me “ Are you going inside and it is safe”

I told them that we are going and it is quite safe to go.

One of the Cafeterias

One of the Cafeterias in Horton Plains. You can buy a cup of tea or coffee from these shops

The guide did not like what I have told but I had to tell the truth. 🙂

Entrance frees for Locals like us

Entrance frees for Locals like us

We took tickets and slowly move forward. We did not go fast as the driver could not see the road properly. we switched headlights and the Fog lights of the vehicle.

Please note that, once you take the entrance ticket, you have to drive another 3-4 km to reach the main entrance.

The Museum

The Museum of Horton Plains

The Main Checkpoint: Things to be aware

We did not see anything besides the road until we reach the main entrance of the Horton Plain.

So we got off the vehicle and packed our bags with Lunch packs. We took a couple of cellophane bags. I took one cellophane bag to wrap my iPhone in case of rain, I can seal the iPhone with the cellophane bag.

I had a bad experience while I was climbing Adams Peak. My iPhone got wet and had to repair it.

So we all slowly passed the main gate and came to the checkpoint of the Horton Plain.

The entrance of Horton Plains.

You can NOT take any polythene or any things which harmful to Horton Plains

There were a lady and a man to check our stuff.

We told them that we had packed lunch, a bottle of water, and told them that there are no snacks with us.

They said they can NOT be allowed us to take packed lunch. you can not eat rice and take any polishing base stuff.

Hmm…!!!!. What shall we do?

They advised us to keep our lunch packs in the vehicle and told us to take some snacks in paper bags.

They also removed the label of the bottled water.

Dillan went back to keep our lunch in the vehicle and we waited at the checkpoint until he came back.

The Do & Don’t When You go to Horton Plains

1. You CANNOT take rice and curry type of Meal. They do not allow.

2. Do not take any cellophane bags and Remove the label of your water bottles before taking them.

3. Make sure you take precautions to protect your phone, cameras, and other electronic items in case of rain. Only Dialog signals come at the World’s End. Other than that, no point in taking a phone.

4. Take rain courts and caps if you visit the national park during the rainy season.

5. You have to carry a very lightweight bags. Haversack is the best.

6. Do not carry a lot of snacks. If you take biscuits, then you need to remove the polythene cover or box. then you need to put it to a paper bag or other means of the bag.

One of the Sings

Closely look at the sing. you can NOT take anything to the national park

7. Do not go without snacks and Water. you feel very hungry. you need to have something to munch.

8. Wear Shoes.

9. If necessary, take a Barm, a few Panadol, and salt. You have to walk 9 km. It is not an essay hike. If you get a mussel cram, you can take a little bit of salt or apply some Barm

10. The checking counter does not keep your belongings in case if they do not allow you to carry in, you have to go back to the car park and put them back. Be honest with them. They have the right to check everything you have if they feel.

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