Oman Air Economy Class Review

My Personal Experience of Travelling In Oman Air Economy Class via Germany & Oman

This Oman Air Economy Class review, flying from Asia to Canada is an exhausting journey and also very expensive.

My journey took more than 30 hours of traveling including 2 transit layovers. This Oman Air Economy Class review is packed with tips, tricks, and information that every passenger would benefit from; as I did extensive research before purchasing the ticket.

Keep reading, this is my 30-hour journey from Sri Lanka to Totoro by Oman Air and Canadian air.

Oman Air line in the Frankfurt Airport Germany

Oman Air Flight Airbus A332 in the Frankfurt Airport Germany

They gave us snack just before Landing to the Frankfurt airport

They gave us snacks just before Landing to Frankfurt airport. It was a chicken Pastry and cupcake.

This is the best meal that I got

This is the best meal that I got. Tumeric flavored Rice and Fried Chicken

My research showed me that, there are no promotional tickets available to Canada even during offseason. A very few flights fly to Canada with single transit also these flights are very expensive too.

I helped one of my cousins to obtain a ticket to Canada in September 2019 and he paid close to USD 2000 for his return tickets.

We usually fly during the off-peak season therefore I contacted several travel agents based on my wife’s recommendation.

I prefer to go through a travel agent if I’m traveling to a Euporien destination as they know how to fix any issue or hiccups we may encounter on our journey.

Most of the quotations that I received from popular travel agents, were very close to USD 2000 so I began to do my own research for online airline fairs.

Research on Oman Air Economy Class

Seating arrangement of Oman Air Boeing 737-800

The seating arrangement of Oman Air Boeing 737-800. 3 Passengers at the left side and 3 passengers at the right hand.

Airbus A332 Seating Arrangement.

I like the Airbus A332 Seating Arrangement. 2-4-2 Configuration

I got to know that a new $1.8 billion passenger terminal at Muscat International Airport commercially opened on 20 March 2018. So the government of Oman was actively promoting the airport in order to attract international passengers

This is the same approach that I took when I got the ticket to New York City for less than USD 400 in 2016. Qatar airway extended a few new flights to New York so I got a promotional ticket for less than USD 400.

So the moral of the story is that you must watch the industry carefully as every year new airlines issue very cheap flights to most of the destinations just to promote the Airline.

Once again to Oman air, I did a few searches on to Toronto.  Even though I had to pass 2 transits, the site showed me that, the ticket price comes to approximately USD 800 per person.

Hmm, You never get this type of cheap ticket from Asia to Canada.

I discussed it with my wife and got her consent. The USD 800 return ticket price surprised her too

The route of my trip was,

Sri Lanka to Muskat [Oman ]-

Musket to Frankfurt [Germany] – 4 Hour Layover

Frankfurt to Toronto [Canada] – 4 Hour Layover

Basically, the entire journey was 30 hours including all the transits in Oman and Germany. Even though I got the ticket for a cheap price, it was an exhausting journey 🙂

The journey from Colombo-Musket & Musket to Frankfurt.

Cabin Crew and Service Review.

We broadened into BOEING 737-800 flight from Colombo to Musket[Oman] and the returned flight was the same plane,

Onboarding was smooth and we were greeted by the Cabin Crew. One of the Cabin Crew members told me that, there are only 90 passengers on board. Well, that is 1/2 of its capacity.

The good thing about Oman air cabin crew was, it is multicultural and they come from different nations.

Most of them could speak several languages therefore it is very easy to communicate with them in different languages even though everybody speaks general English.

They try harder to give a good service but You can not match the attentiveness and politeness with Srilankan airlines and Singapore airline staff.

Airbus A332 Musket to Frankfurt

The cabin crew staff were very polite and attentive. To be honest we got a better service. I guess, the Musket to Frankfurt staff have more experience in the industry than other flights of Oman air.

Furthermore, I notice that, generally, Asian based airline flights that fly to European countries or America/Canada have more experienced staff; staff politeness and attentiveness are greater than other flights.

Leg Space & Setting Arrangement of the Oman Air Economy class

Leg space of Boeing 737-800

Leg space of Boeing 737-800. It is not very comfortable for long haul flights

Since the flight has a 3-3 seat sitting, I and my wife were in the aisle seat so that we can get up any time without disturbing the other passengers.

Well, of course, you missed the opportunity of sitting aside a window seat.- Convenience is much more than a window seat.

If I plan to travel for more than 3 hours, I never reserve a window seat as I want to get up often and go to the toilet whenever I want. Otherwise, it is a pain in the ass.

But If I travel with my wife in a plane with a 2-4-2 sitting arrangement, then I make sure, I reserve a window seat so that we have our own comfort.

Leg Space or Leg Gap

Well, the leg space was not good enough. Since I am an Asian, I was able to manage it, but for a European or UK person, I am pretty sure, it would have been an uncomfortable experience.

Oman Air economy class seats are comfortable and have attractive colors.  My seat was spacious, with a pitch of 30 inches.

Each seat is laid out with a pillow and a blanket for ready use onboard.

Since I do not use pillows or blankets during any flights, I store it away in the overhead locker so that I have more space to sit comfortably.

The entertainment box-LCD screen is back-mounted 10.6 inches in front, and did not obstruct my personal space.

I found that the headrest was moveable when the seat was in an upright position, it can be moved up and down.

A footrest on a flight is a luxury item. This is Airbus a332

A footrest on a flight is a luxury item. This is Airbus a332

Leg Gap or Leg Space on a flight Airbus A332.

Leg Gap or Leg Space on a flight Airbus A332.

Airbus A332 Musket to Frankfurt, the legs space was great. Anybody can comfortably relax at the seat. The setting arrangement is 2-4-2.

The rest of the things were the same as Boeing 737-800.

Inflight Food & Beverages of Oman Air

It took a while for the server to bring our food but they first asked whether I would like to have a drink. I asked for a glass of red wine and my wife wanted to have an orange juice.

I got a small red wine bottle made in France, and it was great in taste.

Oman Air Beverages : Bottle of Red Wine made in France

Oman Air Beverages: A small bottle of Red Wine made in France. It was an excellent offer.

Fried Rice with Chicken meal: Oman Air Economy Classs

We received this Fried Rice with Chicken when we fly to Musket from Colombo Airport. It was a very basic dinner meal but tasty

Dinner was served with fried rice and chicken. The dessert was chocolate mousse.

I did not get a salad, maybe because it was dinner time.

It was not very presentable but the food was tasty and delicious. I loved the Indian spicy flavor of the Chicken, I had a touch of  Chinese fried chicken too.

The fried rice was basmati fine-grain type and It had a great turmeric touch and flavor. Rice was not soggy but very soft.

The Tomato sauce on the fried chicken was a bit too much and it was not mixed with the rice when it was served therefore it had a nice presentation. When I opened the meal, the aroma of the food was great.

they also provided a small bottle of red wine so I enjoyed the meal while nursing red wine.

Inflight food From Oman to Frankfurt, Germany

The cabin crew staff gave this “Spanish Omelet with Source Meal ” no sooner the plane took off, from the Musket airport. we were very hungry as we had 4 hours layover in Musket Internal airport in Oman.

I opened the meal with a lot of hope thinking of having a good meal after a few hours.

By the look of it, I did not like the food. I ate all the Salads and Croissant. The Croissant was very soft and warm. I enjoyed that a lot.

We did not eat the Vienna sausage as I did not like the color and texture. Spinach with omelet did not provide me the expected taste. I added a little salt and pepper, but it did not work.

The baked potato was great. anyway, I had a decent meal with a bottle of wine.

Inflight food From Frankfurt to Oman

This was the very best meal that we received when we were coming to Musket from Frankfurt airport on our Wayback to Colombo.

The cabin crew was very friendly and the service was with a smile.

The Tumeric flavor of the Basumathi white rise was excellent and the aroma of the food was great too. The chicken pieces were very soft and it was fried to a certain extent.

The boiled fried spinach had a very good salty taste and it added colors to the meal.

I did not like the Salad as it was presented with a cling film but it had a-ok flavor. The bun was not so soft but was palatable with some butter.

I was expecting a good dessert and a bar of Maars was given.

Inflight food From Oman, Musket Airport to Colombo

On our way back to Colombo, the way the food was served was a bit unprofessional, and also the presentation of the food was not up to the standard compared to the rest of the meal that we had during our flight of Oman Air.

They used cling film cover the Salad, fruit cup, and dessert cup which looks a little messy.

I did not enjoy the Roty-Parata but I ate it anyway, as I was very hungry. My wife said the same, did not enjoy the Roty-Parata but still ate it as she was hungry.

Basmati rice was bit soggy and the fried onion had too much oil. The tempered chicken was tasty and was very soft. It had an Indian touch and the spiciness of the chicken was eminent.

Toilet Cleanliness of Oman Air

Toilets were extremely good in condition and also the staff maintained it very well. It was very clean at the beginning of the journey to the end of the Journey.

Hats off to the cabin crew of Oman air economy class for the cleanliness of the toilets.

Flight Takeoff & Condition

The Boeing 737-800 Oman Air is not very conformable at all but it was in a brand new condition. it is like a Bus on the road. It shakes a lot when the plain goes through an air pocket.

I also felt less oxygen in the plane and also has a slight headache during the flying period or maybe it was due to the claustrophobia as the plane was small in size.

We had a horrible experience when it took off from Bandaranayak Airport. The plane shook so much, we thought it was going to crash. My wife started praying.

In my opinion,  it was the pilot’s issue. The way the plane took off and the way he handled the initial state of the take-off was horrible.

It took a while to smooth out, but the plane flew smoothly after reaching the cruising altitude. The first 30 minus was uncomfortable experiences.

Is there a way to complain about pilots?-If they pilot the plane recklessly.

The Airbus A332 take-off and landing were excellent. I am pretty sure,  experienced Pilotes would have piloted these planes.

Ground Staff of Oman Air Line

Duty Free shops at Musket International Airport in Oman

Duty-Free shops at Musket International Airport in Oman

Information Counter in the Musket International Ariport

Never ever reach these Information counters to seek help. They do NOT know anything. Talk to Staff at the Floor level. They wear a green outfit

Well, I have mixed feelings.

The first impassion of any airline is communicated to a customer from the ground level staff, therefore, ground-level staff service is very important

Srilanka airline staff treated us very well at the time of boating from Colombo to Muskat.

Muscat International Airport Staff

Muscat International Airport employes a lot of foreign workers. But they are not well trained therefore do not expect a polite service from them.

At the checking counter, sometimes, you find nasty staff who ask a lot of questions before boarding to the flight. Sometimes, they act as an immigration officer of the destination country.

They try to conduct a small interview at the time of check into the airline. This type of discrimination happens to citizens who do not come from developed countries.

Since I know the audacity of some of the ground staff, very specially mildest based airport, I keep my cool during this type of conversation.

Be aware and be cool. Do not try to argue or give a blunt answer. Just corporate and pass the hurdle.

As a summary, We are not very happy with the Muscat International Airport ground staff a whole

Of course, they do their job properly,  but with low service standards.  I have to mention very specially that the boarding counter staff were rude and unprofessional.

I strongly believe that ground-level staff should be given professional training to handle the situation as today, customers have many choices.

Before I started writing this post, I went through some of the Oman air Economy Class reviews -nobody mentioned a positive review of the ground staff of Oman Air.

Final Verdict of Oman Air Economy class review.

Please note that all thoughts and opinions expressed here are solely mines.  All of the information mentioned above is biased.

This is a young airline in the industry, therefore, it tries its best to provide the best services to passengers despite all the odds.

The meal provides by the Oman air economy class is good and it is paired with the best airlines in the industry. Beverages’ choices are good and were of great quality.

The best thing about the airline is, It has brand new planes and well-maintained flights. The inflight server is good compared to the ground staff service quality.

Ground staff service quality a global issue when it comes to Middlest based airlines as It recruits different nationalities from different nations for the work, therefore, it is a bit of a difficult issue to solve

Would I fly again with the Oman air economy class with my family?

Yes, I would, if I get a cheap ticket again. I prefer comfort against price. I do not mind paying extra for quality service and convenience therefore Oman Airline is my second choice.

We wish they would improve the service in the near future and wish all the very best.

Do not hesitate to read the Srilankan Airlines economy class review and Qatar Airway economy class review,

BOEING 737-800: Colombo to Musket – Musket to Colombo

Boeing 737-800 Seating Arrangements

Boeing 737-800. Inside the flight

We flew from Colombo to Musket in a BOEING 737-800 and the returned flight was the same.

Let’s see BOEING 737-800’s general information.

This plane can onboard 162 passengers and the flight took off in 1994 as part of the 737 next Generation.

It has 12 Business class seats of seat pitch 46 inches and 150 Economy class seats with seat pitch 30 inches.

Each seat has an LCD screen, back-mounted 10.6 inches

There is no middle seat raw in Boeing 737-800. 3 passengers can sit on the left side and another 3 passengers on the right side.

It looks like, these planes are good to fly short and medium-haul routes and also good for budget airlines.

Oman Airline bough 24 Boeing 737-800 in 2017 -one good thing is that these planes are brand new.

The plane is not very conformable at all and it is like a Bus on the road. It shakes a lot when it goes through an air pocket.

I also felt less oxygen in the plane and also had a slight headache during the flying period.

For more than 4,900 planes,  the Boeing 737-800 has been sold, and also it has been superseded by the 737 Max.

The worldwide Boeing 737 MAX grounding occurred on 13 March 2019 following the crash of Ethiopian Airlines flight 302. Do not worry, these planes do not fly now

Be aware but do not get afraid, most recently some Boeing 737-800 planes have had safety issues, with groundings caused by cracks between the wing and fuselage in the so-called “pickle fork” structure.

In my opinion, if possible, just avoid Boeing 737-800 unless it is less than a 2-3 hour journey.

AIRBUS A332: Muskat to Frankfurt & Return.

Airbus A332- Inflight Deatils

Airbus A332- Leg gaps and entertainment system is very good

Oman Air safety information card

Oman Air safety information card

According to reviews, Airbus’ A330-200 is one of the most modern and reliable aircraft in the world.

Approximately 200 to 250 passengers can be on board with the aircraft.

The new twin-aisle wide-body provides all passengers with an abundance of personal and leg space, that can bring a level of comfort and relaxation to long-haul flights, even in economy.

A330-200 also provides the quiet cabins on the plane. The ambient lighting options add to the A330-200’s which help to the effects of Jetlag

The setting arrangement is 2-4-2

Notes on Transit Visa

You could avoid this section of the article if you come from a developed country.

Most of the counties now, do not require a transit visa if you are a transit passenger. Do remember, if going to the USA, you need a real visa even if you transit to Canada via the USA.

If you have a USA or Europe visa, then you would be able to travel on transit without a transit country visit.

For example, I landed Frankfurt airport in Germany, had 4 hours layover without a visa to Europe or Germany.

If you are not a citizen of a developed country, you better check the transit visa matters before taking an air ticket.

Check the transit airport website before purchasing a ticket. Of course, airline staff also assist you with this.

If you transit via Frankfurt airport, read this article as it explains who would be able to transit without a transit visa from the Frankfurt airport, Germany.