Holiday Bungalows in Horton Plains

How Did we Select a Holiday Bungalows in Horton Plains & Why

We planned our Nuwara Eliya trip four months in advance. Our main focus was,hiking on Horton Plains and find a good Holiday Bungalows in Horton Plains.

Karunadasa Rest Rooms at Pattipola

Karunadasa Rest Rooms at Pattipola. Front Elevation. It is not a very old House.Nice Garden

 Nisansala Guest House at Pattipola

This is the Road Side View of Nisansala Guest House at Pattipola

So we wanted to find a better place to stay. we were searching accommodation close to the Horton Plan so that we would be able to visit horton plains early hours in the morning.

Why Do we need to go Horton Plains in early hours in the morning ?

My friend told me that if you go early ,you can watch Sambar Deer and other animals in Horton Plain. so we wanted to find a very closed by Holiday Bungalows in Horton Plains

If you go to Horton Plains, you have to see Sambar Deer otherwise no point in hiking on Horton Plain 🙂

We wanted find a decent horton plains accommodation but not luxury type.

Our objective was to find a place like Anderson Lodge in Horton Plains.The new name of Anderson Lodge Horton Plains is Ginihiriya Circuit Bungalow.

If you search on Google,use both Names : Anderson Lodge Horton Plains and Ginihiriya Circuit Bungalow

 Nisansala Guest House at Pattipola

This is the Good Landmark to Remember if you want to visit Nisansala Guest House at Pattipola.This is a Buddhist Temple.

 Nisansala Guest House at Pattipola

You have to turn into this road if you want to go to Nisansala Guest House at Pattipola. The Happy Caffe has Internet facilities.

Initially we wanted to book the Forest Department Bungalow at Kande-Ela as one of my friends wife works at Forest Department but we decided find another place due to the following reasons.

1. We wanted to stay in a private Banglow rather than Government owned due to cleanliness  reason. Government own holiday bungalows in horton plains do not maintain properly. This is what I believe But I may be wrong

2. Other reason was, it takes bit of hassle to book a the Government owned Bungalow. If you need to book the Forest Department Bungalow at Kande-Ela , somebody needs to recommend you and get letter from them and so on. So we did not want to go through all the hassle.

It is very difficult to find a hotels near Horton plains according to our budgets therefore we contacted our Trip Guru, Vinish Jayawardane. He has travelled every part of the country. We take him every trip that we go :-).

So we told him that we need a good Holiday Bungalows in Horton Plains

So he recommended us to book Nisansala Guest House. You can call this Nisansala Bangalow too. It is know as “Karunadasa Rest Rooms at Pattipola”. You can click the link and check some review of this Guest House.

holiday bungalows in horton plains

Malith took this Photo. Just before visiting Horton Plain. Time was 6:30AM

Why did We Select this Place.

  • They agreed to make our Lunch and Breakfast before 6:00AM in the morning the day that we go to Horton Plain.

This is great right!!!. Nobody gives your lunch and Breakfast at 6:00AM if you stay in other place.

  • They agreed to give us lunch packs the day that we came back to Colombo.

This is great too right!!!. We spent a couple of hour to find a decent place to eat lunch the day we came to Nuwara Eliya.

  • Cleanliness  of the Wash room and bath rooms.
  • They have hot water. If want to have bath or shower every time like me, then you better find a place with  Hot water facility.
  • A lot of reviewers on the Internet mentioned that  they serve tasty Food.
  • It was within our budgets 🙂
  • Less hassle to book the place. We called Karunadasa and deposit Rs 2000/= for his account.
  • They agree to give free accommodation for the driver but we had to pay for the food. We were quite happy with the arrangement.
Nisansala Bangalow at Pattipola

Another view of Nisansala Bangalow at Pattipola.

Nisansala Bungalow at Pattipola

One of the Sign Boards of Nisansala Bungalow at Pattipola

My Personal Experience with Karunadasa Rest Rooms at Pattipola

  • Food was excellent. Very tasty and delicious.
  • They fulfilled all our pre requisite needs. Giving food the day that we went to horton plains and etc
  • Karunadasa is very friendly person and very down earth person. You can negotiate any thing with them
  • Karunadasa’s wife cooks the food and they place the food on the table. you can eat as much as you want. Our 7 guys ate like nothing.
  • When we want, they gave us tea and coffee any time.of course, you have to pay for these
  • They ask what your preference and what type of food we like to eat. please note that it is with the range. I guess, they only serve Chicken but NOT any other meat.
  • The place has two toilets with hot water.Be careful. if everybody goes to wash same time one after ,hot water may run out.
  • The big room is good and 3 people can sleep in the room. That is the best room.
  • There is one room with iron bed, I do not like that but my friends did not mind.
  • You can not consume any liquor inside the rooms but our driver had a Bear. I guess, If you  want to have a drink  at night, this is  not a good place to stay. Anyway , ask from the Karunadasa first. I think, he will not allow.
holiday bungalows in horton plains

This is the room that I stayed. Nice clean room. The best room out of other rooms. It has one double bed and single bed.


You have to keep your Bags on the floor.

holiday bungalows in horton plains

You can clearly see the Iron Bed :-). If you book this room.Tell them to give you another bed. I am sure, they can give you.

  • They did not change the linen of the beds on that 2 nights. We did want to leave the room unattended  as we had our  laptops  etc in side the room. We have no issue on this.
  • It is very safe to keep what ever belongings but do not keep your money or any valuable in side the room.
  • You can park two vehicles
  • They have built another new wing and it has two rooms. I did not check the condition of the rooms. These two room has a kitchen as well. If you can book the entire section, that would be a great idea.
  • Place is cleaner than Government own place.
  • No heating faciliteis.
  • The floor is cemented and at nights it is very cold. You have to wear socks if you want to touch the floor.
  • I did not see any tissue roles in the toilet. if you stay there , please take a few toilet roles so that you wipe the commode seat.
  • You have to take your towel,soup, toothpaste and etc.They do not provide those
  • We took water bottle for drinking.I am sure, water is clean in this place.
  • There is no place to keep your towel or used cloths.I kept these on the bed.
holiday bungalows in horton plains

I took this photo from Pattipola Station. Karundasa Nisansala Guest House is behind the Pattipola Station. If you get down from the Pattipola Station, you reach the place just waking 100m.

If You are a Foreigner Who Wants to Find a Holiday Bungalows in Horton Plains

  • If you are planning to visit sri Lanka via Travel agent , I do not think, this is a good place to stay.
  • If you are a couple who do not expect a lot of luxury, this is a good place a give a try,may be one night. you can stay the night before you visit to horton plains as it is very close by.
  • If you are budget traveller,this is a good place to is within your budget and can enjoy very good Srilankan food 🙂
  • If you are solo traveller this a good place to stay if you are not expecting  5 star facilities.
  • If you are a Lady traveller, this is a safe place to stay at night.

The only problem is the Language. they are not very fluent in English, of course, they understand what you say. If you say,” I need chicken and rice, they will give to you. but If you do not speak English, then this is something that you need to think.

In summary, If you wan to Stay in  Holiday Bungalows in Horton Plains

  • This is not a luxury place but it is a decent place to stay  over night for one who expect homely,friendly and cleanliness place to stay. NO fancy Things!!!
  • I do not recommend this place, if you have kids below 2 year.The facilities are not adequate.

I asked myself, If I travel to Horton Plains with My FAMILY, will I stay in this Place. My answer is NO as I have two kids. they may not like the place

But if I travel to Horton Plains again with MY FRIENDS, yes of course, I will stay a few Nights in this Karunadasa rest rooms at Pattipola.

holiday bungalows in horton plains

Karunadasa is in Brown Shirt. Next to me. The red Shift Man is our Driver 🙂

Nisansala Guest House at Pattipola Total Bill

The Total Bill of the accommodation at Karunadasa Rest Rooms at Pattipola was Ra 15,100/=. The Avg per person amount was Rs 2200/=.Including the driver, 7 people. We stayed 2 Nights. The cost of per person per day is Rs 1100/=.

[If you pay an advance before the visit(of course ,you have to), make sure you them to deduct that amount from the final bill. You can see from the bill it has not been deducted. Usually, we are in a hurry to settle and both parties can make mistake. the best advice it to settle the bills the night before you check out]

The Rooms Charges , One Room per night is Rs 1,500/=.Only Room charges.

You can contact Karunadasa by 077-4907025 /052-4900110

If you call from a different country, then +9477-4907025   &   +94-52-4900110

According to my research and experience, it is not very easy to find a good Holiday Bungalows in Horton Plains according to your wish and taste.

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