Laksa Noodle Bar

Since I was in search of Raman[Japanees Food] and Curry Laksa [Malayian Food], I went to Laksa Noodle Bar with my wife and Kids

Laksa Noodle Bar Restaurant

Laksa Noodle Bar Restaurant

First Impression of Laksa Noodle Bar

I think they are still at the early stage of business but I like the service and the relaxed ambiance of the restaurant.

The restaurant has a dingy lighting system and bar-type stools to sit and eat.

It is a small Restaurant dedicated to Noodles based food from different countries such as Thai, Chinese, Singaporean, Malaysian and Japanese.

The place is a busy restaurant with friendly people

Setting area of Laksa Noodle Bar Restaurant in Thimbirigasyaya

Setting area of the Restaurant in Thimbirigasyaya

Soy Sauce ,Hot chillies and cutleries at Noodle Bar

Soy Sauce ,Hot chillies and cutleries at Noodle Bar

Hot Chillies & Soy Source

Payment and Menu

Like McDonald’s, it has very few items but it covered most of the famous Noodles dishes around the world.

Laksa is a signature

in Malayan and Singapore. Raman is one of the most famous Noodles dishes in Japan.

Even though it has approximately 12 noodles dishes, you can select the meat type that you want such as Beef, Chicken, Prawns or Vegetable therefore it covers widespread of menu items.

You can pay by Credit Card or cash.if you pay by the credit card, you will be charged another additional 3% of the top of your bill.

Food & Cooking

Chicken Curry Laksa Noodle Soup at Laksa Noodle

Closer photo of Chicken Curry Laksa Noodle Soup

Vegetable Curry Laksa

Vegetable Curry Laksa

I love to watch the Live-action station of Laksa Noodle Bar where the noodles are cooked. You would be able to see all the ingredients and every single step of the preparation, which is great.

I am not sure whether most of the ingredients are authentic.

My wife ate Vegetable Laksa and I tasted a Chicken Laksa. The chicken was tender, juicy and had nice favor, It was hot and spicy, The taste was authentic and it’s really good. The broth of the Laksa is incredibly delectable.

All of the menu items are cooked in front of your eyes, therefore, you can guarantee that, you are served with fresh, hot and spicy noodles dishes

Service and Staff

Food is nicely presented and portion sizes are reasonable for dinner.

According to my understanding, it is a family business but the restaurant has a few external staff to assist

The staff is very friendly and also the owners of the restaurant are very polite, patient and pleasant.
Service was fast according to my expectation

Laksa Noodle Bar Menu

Menu Items of the Restaurant

Location of Laksa Noodle Bar

Contact Information

Address:  179 Thimbirigasyaya Rd, Colombo 005

Contact : +94-112-559-99

Cuisine: Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Malaysian

Price Range : Rs 800 to 1200 [Less than USD 10]

Main Dish Types : Noodles, Dumpling and Ramen


Please note that this restaurant caters to those of you that are looking for a quick meal, without much hassle or not expecting to spend a lot of time in the restaurant.

So I really like the overall experience at the “Laksa Noodle Bar”.  I will make sure, that i will try every single menu item of the restaurant in the near future.

You visit Laksa Noodle Bar facebook page for more information