The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – Ground Floor New Access Tower

The reception area of the The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf

The reception area of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

I never missed The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf if I go to Colombo for office work. It is the place to sip a cup of Coffee, Cappuccino for me.

First Impression of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf restaurant setting area

The Coffee Bean restaurant setting area

The new branch of The Coffee Bean is located in the lobby area of the new Access Towers building.

It is an ideal place to sit down with your friends and family, to do some work, or have business meetings.

I use this place as a meeting point as I could meet friends in this very relaxed atmosphere.

Since it is located on the ground floor open area of the Access tower, it does not give the real feeling of a coffee shop compared to other outlets in Sri Lanka.

The Ambiance of  The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

I like the

I like the Laptop Bar table and setting the area of the coffee shop. You could see the road very clearly through the windows, so you feel that you are setting in a very big restaurant.

The place is not very cold or hot as it gets a lot of sunlight and also the main door of the building is opened and closing very frequently

The Colour combination of the restaurant is a bit boring but not too bad.

Coffee & Food

Cappuccino they serve

Cappuccino. The Volum of the Cappuccino was good enough

A Cappuccino & Chicken Wrap



If you purchase something from the Shop, you will be able to access the free WiFi[refer to your bill for the WiFi password] and you could also request a plug point to work on your laptop. You can wait inside as long as you want as there is a lot of seating accommodation

According to my experience, The shop does not serve great food, but passable even though it does not give you the full value for money.

Since I am a coffee lover, I like the Cappuccino they serve.

If you like noodles, then the Laksa Noodle Bar is one of the best

Service and Staff

If you order food and coffee, The staff serves both Food and Coffee together, so when it is time to have your coffee, it is not hot enough. I find that a lot of coffee shops do this same mistake 🙂

The staff members are very polite, very patient, and attentive. Furthermore, they communicate with customers in a professional manner.


Contact Information of The Coffee Bean

Access Tower

II 278 Dawson St,

Union Pl, Colombo 00200

076 441 0889


I like this place and also the main branch in Horton Place. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is one of my favorite places to meet friends and sip a cup of Cappuccino in a very relaxed atmosphere