Review : Cheap Hostels in Amsterdam & My Personal Experience

Even though I  looked for Cheap Hostels in Amsterdam for my recent visit to Europe, I wanted to make sure that I booked a comfortable hostel, close to the main tourist attractions in Amsterdam, as I intended staying there just for one night.  Therefore I started my research on cheap hostels in Amsterdam long before I traveled.

Cheap Hostels in Amsterdam

Since I traveled to Amsterdam, Netherlands as a solo traveler, I wanted to stay in a cheap hostel, but still wanted to book one of the best hostels as I mentioned earlier.

While researching cheap hostels in Amsterdam on, I shortlisted a few hostels in Europe, Amsterdam such as :

ClinkNOORD Hostel

Via Amsterdam

WOW Amsterdam Hostel

As always, when I book a hostel or hotel, my first preference is to check the location, as my requirement is a  hostel very close to the central transportation hub, basically, central bus station or central train station.

Since I was traveling from Paris to Amsterdam on Thalys Train, I wanted to book a cheap hostel very close to Amsterdam Centraal Station, if possible, walking distance.   Therefore I was compelled to drop other hostels like  WOW Amsterdam Hostel and Via Amsterdam as they are located away from Amsterdam Centraal Station.

CLink NOORD Hostel has large staircase and an elevator so that you can use whichever you want. This is a very big advantage.

My review of Cheap Hostels in Amsterdam is confined to my CLink NOORD Hostel experience in The Netherlands.

Summary of CLink NOORD Hostel in Amsterdam

Entrance of CLink NOORD Hostel

Cheap Hostels in Amsterdam : Entrance of CLink NOORD Hostel

The Building of CLink Hostels

The Building of CLink Hostel

CLink Hostel Building and the Canal

ClinkNOORD: Name the facilities you expect from a hostel? You got it all here, in line with Clink’s core values, a whopping 20% of the entire hostel been dedicated to social space!  : self-catering kitchen, laundry room, easy reach from public transport, friendly staff, free WiFi (VERY good), clean toilets and showers, lockers in each room, key card operated doors etc. There is also a reasonably priced onsite bar and cafe which does great food.

Even more! you get a reasonably priced breakfast buffet with hot and cold range for Euros 6.90 inclusive of drinks. Plus they also have social spaces such as an auditorium and library.

You would be able to book a private room with en-suite, even though it is a hostel.  Given below are the endless options that you could choose from CLink NOORD Hostel

Bed in 14 Bedded Mixed Dorm Shared Facilities                    Bed in 10 Bedded Mixed Dorm Shared Facilities

Bed in 8 Bedded Mixed Dorm Shared Facilities.                    Bed in 10 Bedded Girls Dorm En-suite

Bed in 4 Bedded Girls Dorm En-suite.                                      Bed in 8 Bedded Mixed Dorm En-suite

Bed in 6 Bedded Mixed Dorm En-suite                                      Private 6 Bed Dorm En-suite

Bed in 4 Bedded Mixed Dorm En-suite                                      Private 4 Bed Dorm En-suite

Private Single Room En-suite                                                       Private Twin Room En-suite

Private Double Room En-Suite                                                     Private Quadruple Room En-suite

1.Location: Literally You Can walk to CLink NOORD from Amsterdam Centraal Station.

In side look of Amsterdam Centraal Station

Amsterdam Centraal Station. Walking distance to CLink Hostel from this station.

Amsterdam Centraal Station is the main station you need to arrive at, when you travel to Amsterdam via train from any other European country.  From here you could board public transport into the city of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Centraal Station is one of the best-interlinked transport hubs in Europe.  According to my experience, it is one the best stations, that  I have ever been to.

Direction to CLink NOORD Hostel – You Can’t Miss it

CLink Hostel Amsterdam- ‘Veer Buiksloterweg’

It is very easy to find the sign of the ‘Veer Buiksloterweg’ which is the point where the ferry starts to CLink Hostel

Ferry Starting Point- CLink Hostel

This is the starting point of the Ferry to CLink. you can see the EYE Museum and A’DAM tower from a distance

When you come down from the International Railway Station of Amsterdam Centraal Station, it is very obvious to find a Ferry service to CLink Hostel. It takes 1 Minute Ferry ride to CLink NOORD Hostel.

It is very easy to find the sign of the ‘Veer Buiksloterweg’ which is the point where the ferry starts. This ferry operates 24/7 therefore, you do not need to worry about the availability of ferries to CLink NOORD Hostel.

During peak time, it runs every 7 minutes and every 15 minutes at night.

Boy!, this is one of the best experiences that I  have ever had, I really enjoyed the ride on the Ferry with the locals of Netherlands. I would have used the Ferry more 10 times during my one night stay in Amsterdam.

Ferry rides are free of charge therefore, you do not need to pay anything 🙂

Once you get off the ferry, turn left straight away. Walk straight ahead across the bridge towards the EYE Film Museum and the A’DAM Tower.

You would never miss the EYE Film Museum and A’DAM tower. You can see EYE and A’DAM from the Amsterdam Centraal Station before you even get on the Ferry.

After you cross the bridge, turn right immediately and walk straight along the canal, with ‘The Butcher’ restaurant on your left.

Keep following the canal for about 50 meters and ClinkNOORD will be on your left. It’s a big brown building with a ‘CLINK’ sign outside – you can’t miss it!

You will be surprised by the atmosphere of  CLink Hostel, one of the best cheap hostels in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Eye Building, A DAM Building and CLink Hostel

Amsterdam Eye Building, A’ DAM Building and CLink Hostel

Staff of CLink NOORD Hotel Amsterdam

CLink NOORD Reception and Social Space area

CLink NOORD Reception and Social Space area. They have allocated quite a good space for Social engagement

CLink NOORD public ares

CLink NOORD public areas for fellow traveler to interact and engage.

Amsterdam or Belgium generally do not possess a very service orientated culture. Well! they would offer you good service but the quality of the service would vary from time to time.

Although the people in the Netherlands are very friendly and nice, they are not very service orientated, unlike Americans or British or any other service-oriented country.  This is what I have experienced!

Nevertheless,  I received very good service from the CLink NOORD staff, even though I was not expecting it from them.

I requested a lower bunker bed from the Reception, the Receptionist was nice enough to allocate me a lower bunker bed with a smile. Of course, they talk less with you but your services get done.

As I was given clear instructions, courteously by the Reception Staff, I never had an issue with service.

The entire team of CLink NOORD provided very good customer service, at any given time of the day.  I must say: CLink NOORD Hostel’s staff is a great asset and they should be proud of it.

After I booked the hostel, I sent them an email via asking directions to CLink Hostel, I was promptly sent an email in excellent English, with required directions in a very detailed manner.

If you book your room via, then your credit card would be charged a few days prior to your check in date.

I am not very sure whether CLink Hostel Amsterdam charge for the entire number of days of stay, at once, a few days prior to the check-in date, since I stayed there only 1 night, my card was charged for the night’s stay in advance.

Rooms & Beds

I was provided with a very comfortable bunker bed with very clean linen. I had a woolen type blanket which I used to cover my body at night.

The Bunker bed was made of iron and had a ladder to climb.   I was not disturbed by the guy who slept on the upper bed of the bunker, even though he got in and out of bed a few times,  as the bunker bed was in good condition and not shaky.

The height and space between the upper and lower Bunker bed, was adequate for me to sit down and do whatever I wanted do when I was not sleeping.

If the height is not sufficient, you could bang your head often on the upper bunker when you get up. If you want to do work on your laptop or read a book sitting in bed, then the height between the upper and lower bunker is an essential factor.

The Bed was very comfortable and wide enough to have comfortable sleep.

There was sufficient space in the room to keep my bag/luggage.   The Rooms had a few lights with each switch meaning, one light works with one switch.

This type of setup prevents you been disturbed during the night, by fellow travelers switching on lights in the entire room in the middle of the night for no reason.

You will be surprised by the comfort you get from these cheap hostels in Amsterdam, CLink NOORD Hostel.

Bath Rooms

Shared Bathroom Facilities of CLinkNOORD Amsterdam

Shared Bathroom Facilities of CLinkNOORD Amsterdam

Entrance of the Reception area Washroom

Entrance of the Reception area Washroom

Toilet /Washroom are together, basically, it is a wet-room or we could call them bathroom combos.

There is a separation done with a glass, but if you do not follow your washing discipline, you could wet the entire bathroom.  Fortunately, the size of the toilet and washroom is quite spacious, therefore you would be able to get dressed without wetting your clothes.

The shower was excellent and I had many hot water showers, without an issue.

Toilets are extremely clean, including the bathroom which is located at the Reception area. The Reception area washrooms are quite spacious and geared with all the facilities.

You have to take your own toiletries, and if you need a towel, you could rent it from the Reception.


WiFi was excellent at the Reception area and also in the room.

Your bunker bed comes with a reading light, USB slots and multi plug socket which you could plug devices to charge.

All the rooms and main doors are locked with electric locks and you are given a key card to open the hostel main door and your room door.

The Reception area has a lot of multi plugs and USB slots so that you would be able to use your laptop and other devices freely without having to retreat to your room all the time.

Safety & Security Factors

CLink NOORD Lockers at the reception area

Entrance to the Reception area of CLink NOORD Hostel. You can see the Lockers located at  the Reception area

Lockers with Padlock

The Locker that I kept my Backpack. You can see my padlock also. It is a lean and lengthy padlock that I bought from Sri Lanka.

When you enter the CLink premises, you can feel that you are safe. I had that feeling of security, I am pretty sure, you would experience it too. Your instincts guide and alarm you if you feel insecure 🙂

Even though I did not carry major valuable things other than cash, I felt, quite safe at CLink Hostel in Amsterdam.

You can keep your luggage or backpack inside the room locker or Reception area lockers. If you want to keep your backpack or suitcase after your check out, you can ask the staff to direct you to the Basement Area Room dedicated to bags.

If you do not have a padlock to use, you can purchase one from the Reception area at a  nominal fee.

Since you are given a key card to open your room and the main door of the CLink Hostel, no stranger can enter your room while you are NOT in.

I am pretty sure, CLink has CCTV cameras in public areas so that if something goes wrong, they would be able to find out.

My personal experience with hostel life is, you are quite safe in a hostel, of course, you may find a nasty joker once in a while, but that is very rare.

Even though, your choice is for a cheap hostel in Amsterdam,  whichever hostel you select;  make sure that you’re safety is the first priority when selecting a hostel.

Facilities of Cheap Hostels in Amsterdam.

The Atrium of CLink NOORD Hostel

The Atrium. I spend most of my time in the Atrium more than other areas, as it’s just such a beautiful bright space

Some of the Social Area space of CLink Amsterdam Netherlands

Some of the Social Area spaces of CLink Amsterdam Netherlands

One of the best things  about the CLink NOORD Hostel is that, its atmosphere and interior is excellent. It is nicely laid out  and it gives a very pleasant and serene look.

All the furniture is quite new and well maintained. I love the look and feel of the Reception area.   I like the color in which the Hostel is painted, it is a charm and yet vibrant and does not give a very fancy look, It is just the way I like it!

There is small library with quite a good collection of reading material. Of course, I did not use the Bar,ZincBar but it seems like an ideal bar to have a couple of drinks with your friends.

You can order coffee, tea, and some food items at the Reception.   It is prepared at the back of the Reception area, I am not quite sure about the prices, but I took a picture of the menu for reference.

If you want to have  breakfast, you need to go to the basement, but I cannot comment on the breakfast as I did not consume it.

According to my research, Kitchen of CLink NOORD is one of the best kitchens and offer quite a good buffet breakfast to travelers

It also has one of the best self-service laundry services, which  is located on the  first floor of the hostel.

Definitely, I will use the bar and kitchen next time; so that I can write a review of that too 🙂

Laundry Facility at CLink Hostel

Laundry Facility at CLink Hostel

Some notes regarding Laundry Facility in the Hostel

How to Book Cheap Hostels in Amsterdam

The reception of CLink NOORD Amsterdam

The Reception of CLink NOORD Amsterdam

CLink Hostel

Section of the Library. and Social gathering area: CLink Hostel

Coffee Bar of CLink NOORD Hostel. This is located at the Reception. You can simply brew a cup of coffee after paying at the Reception

I use, even for hostel bookings, as I want to keep my booking process and vacation simple. I trust the site and I have been using this site for quite some time, never had any issues.

There are many good hostel booking sites such as  etc.

I am pretty sure, you may have your preference too.

Please use the below mentioned strategy to book a Cheap Hostels in Amsterdam.

1. Type “Cheap Hostels in Amsterdam” on google so that site will be listed in google with the required hostel. Am certain that the below mentioned hostels will be listed on, along with a few other hostels.

ClinkNOORD Hostel

Via Amsterdam

WOW Amsterdam Hostel

2. You can use the below-mentioned search if you are interested in booking a hostel near one of the attractions or a specific place.

Since I prefer to book a hostel close to Centraal Station, I would use the searches mentioned below:

“hostels near Amsterdam Centraal Station” or ” Cheap hostels near Amsterdam Centraal Station”

3. Check the location of the Hostel, if you have to change a few stations and take a few buses to reach the hostel, it is better to check another hostel. Location is the key.

As recommended, book a hostel close to a central location.

4. I advise you to read “customer reviews” carefully, once you have found the right location.   Well, I read at least 50-60 reviews before selecting a hostel.

Make sure, you select a hostel that has more than 100 reviews unless somebody has highly recommended to you, or if you are offered an excellent rate.

5. Check the cancellation policy and payment policy details.  If you do not need to pay at the time of booking at CLink Hostel and you would be able to cancel anytime before check in. This is great!.

6.Most of the hostels have their website, therefore check the specific website and see if there are major difference between the price of the room. It is good if you can get their email address or telephone number.

7. Write an email and ask all the relevant questions that you have, or you can call them and check too. I prefer to send an email, as I can check the response time and also would like to have something in writing.

8. and other sites might give you messages like, “this is the last room” or “you get a discount if you book now” etc. Do not worry about these. make sure, you get all the details that you want before booking.  Of course, if that hostel allows canceling the booking anytime, then it is better to book the hostel and do your research later.

History of CLink Hostels

CLink is presently in the proud possession of more than 1500 beds in 2 major European cities, namely London and Amsterdam, and has clear goals of expansion in more major cities of Europe in the near future.

It all began, when 2 sisters Liam and Anne got a chance of opening a 170-bed hostel in the King’s Cross area of London.  Liam and Anne were backpackers before venturing into hostel business. 

They have all the experience that travelers look for, especially when it comes to cheap hostels in Europe.

With their love of meeting people and creating a sense of community; their business flourished, making their hostels a social hub for fellow travelers.

The first leap to expansion began in 2007, with the opening of the 2nd hostel of 700 beds in London.  Then again in 2015 CLinkNOORD opened a hostel with 800 beds in Amsterdam.

The secret of their success is the passion of travel and the sense of community.

Branches of  CLink Hostels

ClinkNOORD hostels encourage people to interact with other travelers, and its interior is inspired by the city itself and the local area of Amsterdam NOORD.   Therefore it is the best choice for travelers who look for cheap hostels in Amsterdam.

Clink 261 and CLink 78 have provided  backpackers with their services of hostel experience for a long time, and is still expanding.  It is estimated that by the year 2020 that CLinkNOORD would set up in at least 7 different cities across the world and the next in line is rumored to be in Paris

Conclusion : Value for Money in one of the Cheap Hostels in Amsterdam

Since I am not very much of a  budget spender, I stayed in a 4 bunker bedroom with en-suite, meaning, I had a shared private bathroom for the room, and of course, I used the public area washroom and toilets several times.

I paid  Euros 44 and I was happy to pay that amount, I got value for money from Clink NOORD Hostel in Amsterdam.

When I checked out, I was thinking, was there anything that I need to make a comment about for improvement,  or bring anything to their attention. Frankly nothing. Everything was fine.

The Other question is: Would I come to CLink Hostel again if I travel with my family?. Yes, of course, I will book a private En-Suite or 4 Rooms bunker bedroom for my family and self.

CLink NOORD Hostel is the one of the best cheap hostels in Amsterdam. You have to be in a hostel to get the firsthand  experience.

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