Holiday Bungalows in Ohiya, Ohiya Centre

How Ohiya Centre Became a Heavens to Us During Our Journey to Ohiya

Our team asked me to take the responsibility of booking a holiday bungalow in Ohiya at the time we planned a trip there.

Initially, I checked with the Hill Sarafi Eco Lodge accommodation but it was fully booked during that weekend (14th of November 2016).

Then I contacted Trevor, our Senior DBA Engineer, and asked for help as he has been to Ohiya with his wife and he gave me Three-Wheeler driver name, Gamini.

I called Gamini to get his assistance to find accommodation around Ohiya then He told me that he is planning to open a Guest House and he would like to give us the very first booking if we wish,  for a payment of  Rs 10,000 for 8 people inclusive of dinner.

He told me that his place has 3 rooms and a hall and located in a scenic place. We paid an advance of Rs 4,000/=.

So we booked our Holiday Bungalows in Ohiya well in advance.

A long story in short, after our Kalupana-Ohiya Jeep track hike, we went to find the new Guesthouse of Gamini.

He has a Shop just in front of Ohiya Railway station. Shop people gave us the direction to go to the new guest house.

When the van stopped in front of the new guest house, we were stunned and flabbergasted.

It was just a kabana type of wooden rooms and those rooms were not yet ready for decent accommodation.

When Gamini saw me, he immediately replied that this is not a place for you and he told me that he can find another place for us.

I told him that price is not an issue but find us a good place as were dead tired and wanted to have a good shower and want to rest and sleep soon.

He is a well-connected person and he immediately called Ohiya Centre to find out the availability of rooms.

He directed us to the place and we reached there, It was a heaven for us compared to Gamini’s guest house. It is a nice beautiful clean place.

Luckily, It was a Sunday and nobody has booked the Ohiya Centre and the entire place was for us.

Group Photo of Ohiya Center

The entrance of Ohiya Centre: Holiday Bungalows in Ohiya

Good Ohiya center


Ohiya Center is located in very close proximity to the Ohiya Railway station. It is on Ohiya road before the Ohiya Tourist bungalow

If you come by train, then it is 10m walk to the Ohiya Center from the station and If you take a Tuk-Tuk, then it should be less than Rs 100 rupees.

Everybody knows about this place except us otherwise we would have booked the place before going to Ohiya.


Ohiya Centre is managed by the Uva Management Development Institute and it has 27 rooms.

Two people can stay in a room and the one-night charge is Rs 3200/= without any food.

If you want food, then per meal Rs 250-300. This is what we were told on the 15th of November 2015. it can be changed when you call them.

This is my personal opinion, if you go there, take your food also from that place as it is very hard to find food elsewhere, specially B’fast and Dinner.


The Lobby Area of Ohiya Centre


If you go with your family with kids, there is a lot of space to move around and the place is still new and clean.

I love the lobby area and dining area.


At night, it is pretty cold but I love the cold so I had a good time.



Since everything was in the place, we had a gala time and we used the place as it is our own place.



Room Conditions of the Ohiya Centre

I was quite impressed with the room conditions and they allowed only 2 people to stay in a room. There are a couple of types of Rooms and the person who in charge of the Centre selected the rooms for us.

These rooms have required minimum facilities and you should not expect 5-star hotel facilities from this type of Government Holiday Bungalows in Ohiya.

I am not very sure whether this is a Guest House or Bangalow but If I go with my family, I definitely stay in this Holiday Bungalows in Ohiya due to many reasons.

1. It is a good price compared to the prices of other Ohiya accommodation places.

2. It is still clean and nice

3.Family-oriented atmosphere

4. Rooms are in good condition therefore it is good for family with Kids.

5.Security-wise, very safe.




IMG_5085 IMG_5082


Another Rooms Type

IMG_5081 IMG_5080

Toilets and Bathrooms of Ohiya Centre

The best thing is the hot water and toilet facilities.

We used the hot water facility as much as we want. Usually, it is not the case when going to other places. Hot water does not come often.

All the equipment of the washrooms are very new and operates without any issues.

Shower cubicles are very good and it does not leak the water to the toilet.

IMG_5084 IMG_5050 IMG_5049 IMG_5048 IMG_5083

Dinning and Lunch: Food that we ate

Since we did not book this place in advance we could not order the food from the Ohiya center but we made arrangements with Gamini.

Since Gamini has a Shop, he agreed to supply us food. Another matter was, we paid him Rs 4000 as an advance and we wanted him to get food to settle the payment already made.

We ordered Rice, Chicken, and Parata for Dinner. Since we were very tired we did not eat much.

For B’fast, we ordered the Parata, Lunumiris and Dhal.

You can see the picture of the food.

Bear in mind that, due to very cold weather, these Roty or Parata had a different taste, and also these Roty were like elastic.

The main reason is the  Yeast does not rise on Cold Weather.

Even if you buy a loaf of bread or bun, the same results. Do not expect the Colombo type of Roty or Bread.

The best thing is to eat rice.

IMG_5075 IMG_5074 IMG_5073

Man Behind the Ohiya Centre


There is one thing which I would like to bring in to your attention.

When we asked Diluk to settle the bills, he paid Rs 3100X4=12,400/= and there he inquired about the bills.

He was not given the bill, So it was just cash payment.

I do not want to judge anybody. Maybe, he would have raised an internal Invoice for this but we were not given an invoice.

I do not like these things and If I knew that, I would have insisted on a bill. I got to know that only after we left the place.