5 Things You May Forget When You Want to Setup Horton Plains Camping

Do NOT Setup a Camping Site Horton Plains Without Reading This Article

I just thought of writing a short post of Horton Plains Camping as there are quite a number of people want camping on Horton Plain.

[Please note this is a Youtube video which I found on the Internet about Horton Plain Camping Sites. ]


If you Walk on this path , you can see the Camping Sites Horton Plain and Chimney Pool. If you want to see big Picture, Just Click the Image

I visited all three camping sites of the Horton Plains during my visit. Camping site 1 is the most privacy oriented site, but other two camping sites also close to the Chimney Pool.

As I mentioned to you earlier, My objective of this trip is to blow my Mind,Body,Sprit and Soul therefore I waited around the Chimney Pool(Horton Plains Camping area) area for more than 45 minutes.

[Please note this is a Youtube video which I found on the Internet about Horton Plain Camping. ]

Chimney Pool area is the one of the most beautiful part of the Horton Plain according my experience.

That could be one of the reasons for  Battaramulla Wild Life Department to allow to build camp sites around Chimney Pool.


Chimney Pool view of Camping Site Horton Plain. Chimeny Pool is much more nicer place

1. To book Camping sites you have to visit Battaramulla Wild Life Department and need to take necessary permission from them. if you need to setup a camping site at Horton Plain.

This is the drill that you need to follow, if you need to book.

1.This is how you should book the Camping Site in Horton Plains.

You have to book  one month in advance therefore , if want to book in March, t you need to visit Wild Life Department in Battaramulla in February.

But you have to go to the place on  first Monday of the month. according to  the previous example, then you have to visit  there in first week of February to book a date in March.

I hope , this is very clear.

If that first Monday is a holiday due to any reason, then go on next Monday, 2nd Monday of the months.


I took a bit of rick to take this Chimney Pool Photo. You can see this view very well if you book Camping Site 1.

I hope this situation also very clear 🙂

Once you visit Battaramulla Wild Life Department, You need to take a number from the counter. they will give a form to be filled with the number.

Make sure you take all the NIC numbers of the participants whom  will go with you for camping.

it is better to take a photocopies(but really not necessary but take along with them. if you meet a bureaucratic staff member, then can be bit of a hassle. Government organisation works like that.)

Hey guys, this is a bit of time consuming process. they give more priority for the Bungalow and Dormitory booking first.

Some people bypass the token or number system and they get booking before you.

Do not get upset about these. If you have a friend in the Wild Life Department Battaramulla, you would do the same therefore be patient.

Do not expect the things to happen with a hour. just allocate at least 1/2 DAY for this process so that you will be NOT be frustrated. some time, you can get the booking within hour, if you are lucky 🙂

You have to pay Rs 2500(USD 20) for per per 10 people.If you go by a vehicle, then parking charge of Rs 280(USD 1.5). This is as of September 2014.


Dilen, Shipxpress System Lead took this Photo. Do NOT carry any Back packs or Bag if you want to work on this. You may miss your balance. Bit of Ricky Shot!!!

Please note that, these things can change therefore take some extra cash along with you.

2.Toilet and Water

There is a toilet but there is NO water inside the toilet. Make sure you take a bucket of water before go in.

You have to take the water from the Chimney Pool therefore be careful when you take water.

I am not quite sure about how deep is the Chimney Pool water stream.If you want to take water, go with somebody to take water and take all the precautions before doing so.

Water is damn cold too therefore I am not very sure how successful will be washing your body part in side the toilet.

I am pretty sure, you would take small gas cooker to cook, if possible, mix with hot water before taking water inside the toilet 🙂

Clean the toilet before you setup the camping site and take necessary liquid. This has to be done if you go with some ladies.

3.Selecting the Correct Period for Horton Plains Camping

I read  lot of articles and some good post about the Horton plains camping sites.

They advices you to go camping during December to February time.


You can see Chimney Pool and Camping Site 1 at Horton Plain. Very Beautiful !!!!

Some of the people faced a lot of harsh conditions during the rainy season.please read this article, it is a good post.

You can take best camping equipment or tent but you can NOT control  the nature. Some of the best camping tent, still you find a flow of water inside you camping site when it rains .

You only can cry when it happen to you as you have NO control over the situation.

Water comes so fast that your camp site can be washed away or damage  the camping gears and food.

If rains comes, the floor of the tent definitely get wet, some time at night. you have to clean the tent during the rain. you will sick of you life and you never go on Horton Plains Camping again, if you under go  this type of harsh experience.

Try to avoid harsh weather conditions. You can NOT fight with the nature.

You can fight with the cold but NOT with  the rain.

Avoid Raining season, both monsoons


Another View of Chimney Pool and Camping Site1 Horton Plain

4. Food that You need to Take along with You.

I am sure, you would take Gas Cooker with you to cook or boil water. Some people use Karasean oil based burned or cooker.

My experience says, it is very hard to lit a kerosene oil burners or cooker under very cold whether. please google and find the detail about kerosene oil cookers under these cold whether condition.

NOT only the whether, you find very powerful blowing of the wind too. DO not take the kerosene oil cooker inside the camp tent to lit : Be aware these things.

Keep in mind that, it’s very difficult to use a gas burner if there is strong wind. It is better to take something to cover the wind.


When it comes to food, it is a very hard decision. Everybody wants to eat Rice with some curries.I read many articles on camping, they cooked rice, meat and a few curries. It is good if your objective is to eat only during the camping :-).

When you go camping, it is different game and you mindset should be different. Cooking is the part of Camping game but it is NOT the only thing therefore do not carry or prepare to have gala style dinner, Bfast or Lunch.

You must think like a Soldiers, eat and take only  what is necessary.

Anyway,  that is up to you to think. But take these essentials along with you.

1. A few packets of Biscuits. It has be salt based biscuits and sugar based biscuits. you need energy and also a lot salt since you are going to hike. Make sure you take good amount of biscuites

2.Take some chocolates bars or Jujubes. Immediate sugar boosters.


Horton Plain Camping Site1. Click so that you can see a better view.

3.A few packs of instant noodles. if you experience a heavy rain, you can boil some water and make some noodles. Believe me, it is some time saviour.

4.My personal advice is , DO NOT TAKE MEAT. if you rally want meat to taste, take some pre cooked sosagues.

The small of the meat can attract some animals. do not force any unnecessary trouble. if you love to eat meat or fish, eat these before you go on Horton Plains Camping 🙂

5. Take good amount of Bananas. it is an excellent energy giver. You do not need to have a heavy meal  if you eat Banana as it gives all the engery that you need. I have notice that a lot hikers take bananas along with them when hiking.

6.Take tea bags and instant coffee.Do not take milk power. if you want milk, take pasteurized milk. That you can keep for a few days.

7.if you plan to take break, then take sliced break which you can keep for a few days.I do not think, normal Sri Lankan Bread would do.


You can see the Camping Site 1 and Toilet of Horton Plain. This was an excellent view. You have to be there if you want to experience the surrounding.

One things that you need to know, it is cold whether and at nigh very cold so you can eat like a elephant if you wish.

Please who has a lot of craving for food or eat  lot of food when they eat, it is better to take personal food items for them to consume otherwise it will be big problem 🙂

Please keep in mind alternatives, if you need. nothing works as planned everywhere 🙂

5. Your Team

Go with a good team, at least 5 member team. You need to a lot of help from each other to setup a camping site properly and enjoy the camping.


Very Closer shot of Camping Site 1.

Take friends who like camping otherwise they may not enjoy the rough life and essence of camping experience.

If possible, take a friend who had been in camp previously, so that you would not face may challenger.


Camping Site1 of Horton Plain. You should not setup a camping fire. It is NOT advisable . IT IS PROHIBITED TOO.

Take a person who can cook fast and taste otherwise please learn to cook :-).

Horton Plain camping is not very good as a  Family Camp with children. There are many other places that you can find. There are couple of companies organises Camping Sites at Horton Plain

You can contact Eco Team Sri Lanka, if you want to setup camping site in Horton Plain http://www.srilankaecotourism.com/horton_plains_high_altitude_camp.htm


Camping Site Horton Plain Toilets

There are many things that I can write about Horton Plains Camping, but these are more essential things which people may NOT think about in advance when they need to setup a Horton Plains Camping.

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