5 Things that You should be aware If you plan a Day Trip to Amsterdam

Summary of a Day Trip to Amsterdam

This entire post comprises of how you should plan a Day Trip to Amsterdam or a 1-night stay in Amsterdam

I am sure, you could use the below information even if you stay more than 1 night

If you need to enjoy and explore the city leisurely, you may need 3 nights; but still, you can explore the city within 24 hours if you plan properly.

I Amsterdam Landmark one of my favourite landmark in Europe

The “I Amsterdam” Landmark is one of my favourite landmarks in Europe

Day Trip To Amsterdam : You find Canals & Bicycle every where

Amsterdam is a City of Canals and Bicycles

Why you should visit Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the city has more bicycles than its inhabitance. Last year, 19 million tourists descended upon this city of 850,000 inhabitants. Approximately, the amount of tourists per year is 20 times higher than the population in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Mayor Femke Halsema expects 29 million in 2025: Cheap flights; quick and easy online booking, make it possible.

This city has 1500 bridges, 100 km of canals and many more things to offer tourists. Believe me, this is becoming one of the best cities to visit in Europe.

In fact, this mass of tourists has become a major issue to the inhabitants of the city of Amsterdam, so they launched several major marketing awareness companies, in order to reduce the impact on locals from these mass of tourists.

A lot of local Amsterdamers say that In Amsterdam landmarks were removed, just to reduce the number of tourists from coming to this location.

Even though it has fewer attractions to be explored, the culture of the city and lifestyle of the people itself is the main thing, that most of the tourists want to experience.

1. What Location is the best for me if I come for a Day Trip to Amsterdam

Amsterdam Centraal Station is the main point of contact when you plan a Day Trip to Amsterdam

Amsterdam Centraal Station is one of my favorites train stations in Europe

Amsterdam Centraal Station and Trams: You can effectively finish the Day Trip to Amsterdam if you use trams

The transportation system is integrated with Buses, Metros, and Trams.

This is the main point that you need to think about before planning a day trip to Amsterdam.

I am not talking about which hostels, hotels or AirBnB you should book but the area where you should stay.

The most of the city attractions are very closely located around the Amsterdam main station, “Amsterdam Centraal”. 

If you could find the accommodation, walking distance to “Amsterdam Central”, you would be able to cover most of the things that you want to see in Amsterdam.

What do you mean by walking distance: If you can come to Amsterdam Centraal” with a 10-15 minus by walking, that is the area that you need to find accommodation.

When you book a hotel/boat/Hostel, make sure, you ask, how long it would take to visit Amsterdam Centraal station from the hotel.

You may use “hotels around Amsterdam Centraal station” with your favorite booking. Site. I used, “hotels around Amsterdam Centraal station booking.com” on google.

I stayed in Clinked Nord Hotels and used booking.com book the hotel as always:-).


The grand architecture of the Amsterdam Centraal Station

The grand architecture of the Amsterdam Centraal Station

2. Do you want to buy Online or Offline

I amsterdam landmark even if you plan a Day Trip to Amsterdam

The “I Amsterdam” landmark was removed from its place in the month of December 2018.

Rijksmuseum Museum, you have to visit this place during your Day Trip to Amsterdam

Rijksmuseum Museum, you have to visit this place during your Day Trip to Amsterdam

If you need to visit the Museums and Galleries, then buy the tickets online before you visit the place.

It is advisable to purchase the tickets well in advance, not just before arriving.

these are some of the museums that I can recommend for you, Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Stedelijk modern art museum, and Anne Frank House. you can visit all these places within 4-5 hours.

If you wish, you can visit the Madame Tussauds, Heineken Experience and De Bijenkorf [for shopping]

If you follow the map properly and sequentially, you would be able to visit all the attractions without missing a single one.


The costs of seeing these museums would be approximately €18 per person or € 20 (entry is free for children under 18).

Well, there are many arguments on whether you need to buy the ticket at the gate or online. My two-cent advice is for you to buy the ticket online before you visit the places. if you visit Amsterdam during the summer, believe me, it is 100 times worth your money if you purchase the tickets online

You can buy the tickets from the appropriate museum website or from an online seller.

Please note that with the ‘Skip the line’ ticket, you can skip the cash register in the museum; the ticket has a barcode that can be scanned at the entrance.

On very busy days you might have to wait outside the museum, in the queue; if you do not buy your ticket in advance.

Skip the Line

Another tip: you can skip the line if you go through a tour operator. Please do your due diligence before selecting a tour operator.

Another option is to buy “Amsterdam City Pass”. The cost of the card is approximately € 50 [This can be changed]-with this ticket,

You would be able to skip-the-line access to the Rijksmuseum or the Van Gogh Museum, as well as a canal cruise and tickets for the airport via train.

3. Do I need to buy one Day Transportation Pass for a Day Trip to Amsterdam

Bus stop at the Amsterdam Centraal Station

The bus stop at the Amsterdam Centraal Station

Amsterdam Centraal Station

The platform which international trains stop

well, Yes and no.

Amsterdam is a walkable city so please use your leg and walk:-). I walked to every attraction even though it took some time. Amsterdam is pictures city; where ever you go, you could enjoy and take photos.

But if you are unable to walk or do not like to walk, then purchase a GVB pass, one-day pass; It would cost you less than € 8. Buy a tourist map if you wish[nothing is free in Amsterdam] it would cost you € 2.5.

you can ONLY use the pass with Buses and Trams

My personal advice for you is to use only Trams so that you can enjoy the site-seeing while you travel. Make sure, you learn how to use  GVB pass in advance.

If you are planning to use the Trains, metros, and Buses, then you need to purchase the Amsterdam Travel Ticket. If you want a 1-day pass, it would cost you € 16. You can use this pass to go to the Airport- I feel you do not need this pass unless you want to stay for more than one night.

DO NOT Fly – Why?

If you plan to stay less than 24hours, the best way to arrive and departure to Amsterdam is by Train. There are excellent inter-country train systems in Europe.

If you take a flight,  you need to be at the airport 3 hours before it departures. but if you travel by train, you just need to be on the train platform 30mintue before it leaves, and also it is very easy to get to the train station.

There are many good online sites that you would be able to get your train tickets, for a cheap and easy price.




I used Thalys most of the time.

Going by train is far more convenient than taking a flight, even if it takes a little bit of travel time.

One tip I want to give to you is, never buy a ticket that comes with many interchanges or even a single interchange.

It is a hassle, and there is a  high chance of you missing the next train and end up buying a new ticket.  

Some of my friends experienced it, and I read many stories about this type of incidences.

The direct train is a bit expensive but it is still worth it. NO penny wise pound foolish. Believe me.

4. DO NOT DO what Everybody advice’s to do as a Tourist

Day Trip to Amsterdam Bicycle Park Station in Amsterdam

This bicycle park station is located just in front of the Station

Amsterdam has more bicycles than the population, of course. Netherland has more bicycle than it inhabitance. It is true, Everybody has a bicycle.

If you read most of the “what to do in Amsterdam” lists, everybody wants you to rent a bicycle and join with the locals. This is the most dangerous thing to do in Amsterdam unless you know how-to-play the game.

Believe me, read or ask from the local Amsterdam people, this is the most foolish advice that everybody preaches.

Therefore, do not rent a bicycle and act like a local unless you are a person from Belgium or Demark, where there are bicycle cultures, and you are used to rules and regulations.

There are many areas where you can ride a bicycle, but not within the heart of Amsterdam city.

5. Scam, Pickpockets & Safty Issues: Day Trip to Amsterdam

Day Trip to Amsterdam- Royal Palace Amsterdam

The Royal Palace Amsterdam. You can visit the Royal Palace if you wish to

There are many scam-artists/con-artists in Amsterdam; they may approach you, so this is how you should handle the situation.

  1. If somebody offers free Cookies or anything, do not take it. Just say no thanks and take off from that place.
  2. If you come to Amsterdam without booking your accommodation, then contact Amsterdam tourist center or try to book your hotel online. Do not take advice from the locals on the street. Some locals are disguised as a tourist[carrying a backpack or pulling bag]. They will take you to an unknown hostel or hotel, and you will be charged with a hectic price from the hotel. you would not be able to get away from the situation, so Book your accommodation in advance
  3. Research what is the difference between a Cafe and Coffeeshop in Amsterdam. There is a very big difference
  4. There are pickpockets in public places and they would follow you around. Make sure, you keep your valuables at the hotel or in a safe place.
  5. At night, do not visit dark allies in the street; you may face unnecessary situations. Just do your research on which parts of Amsterdam are best for nightlife.
  6. Avoid visiting shops that have a sign saying “MUSEUMS”. These are NOT “MUSEUMS”, most of these are overprice shops
  7. Do not board into “Beer Bike tours” as most of Amsterdam locals do not like the concept. Even the Local authorities have banned these “Beer Bikes”, but still some of the tour operators conduct these, due to some loopholes in the Law.

So, if you only have little time, there is no reason why you wouldn’t make the most of it.

What do you like to do when you’re only a few hours around? Let me know in the comments.