5 Things to Enjoy & Do on Your way to Baker’s Falls in Horton Plain

Do NOT hesitate, Enjoy on Your Way to Baker’s Falls in Horton Plain

This is NOT a long post but would like to add a few memories on my way to Baker’s Falls in Horton Plain.

As I mentioned to you , the best part of the Horton Plain hike is up to the Baker’s Falls in Horton Plain, if you take the right direction.

Otherwise you will end up at Baker’s Falls like others and would NOT be able to enjoy the beauty of Horton Plain.

1.Sit and Relax

Please do NOT rush to finish the trail. This is best part of the Horton Plain. if you feel tired, just sit on the ground and enjoy the site surrounded by you.

You need to see this beauty with your own eyes, a distinctive landscape of  this mother nature.

If you are a human , you will be mesmerised with the surroundings.


So sit and relax  few times on your way to Barker’s Falls in Horton Plain. Take  few photos so that you would be able to recall the memories when you go home.

2.Do NOT Hesitate to Take a Photo of this Tree

Tell you frankly , I have my own explanation for the landscape of Horton Plain. There is particular reasons for this type of Plain Landscape.

I do not want to explain my personal philosophy behind this Plain landscape but you find  lot of short trees like in the below.


If you study, these type of trees  can be found in deserts or closer to a desert or high radiation areas. This is according to my research , I may be wrong.!!!! 🙂


Anyway, Do not hesitate to take  photos of this tree as It is a one of the land marks of Horton Plain.

3.Enjoy the View of Belihul Oya River Tributaries

The uppermost section of the famous Belihul Oya running under the Red Bridge. You can watch the the uppermost section of the famous Belihul Oya river when you come to the Red Bridge section .This is one of the major tributaries of River Walawe which flows into the sea at Ambalantota.


You would be able to see this uppermost section of the Belihul Oya river at different places when you hiking toward Baker’s Falls in Horton Plain.

It has it own beautify .

Gaze this river and listen to the sound of the river. I guess, this uppermost section of the famous Belihul Oya creates the Baker’s Falls in Horton Plain.

It would great if somebody can somebody confirm this?

Do NOT rush. Enjoy the nature


4. It is Your Duty to Keep the Place Clean

We are all humans and we carry different values. Some of our own kind people, never bother to follow the simple guidelines of Horton Plain.

You can NOT take polythene or You can NOT drop polythene where ever you want.


Tharidu was trying to clean the Place. Good Job Bro

It is hazardous for the Nature and the wild animals living in Horton Plain therefore Do not hesitate to clean or pick polythene and dump into the proper places, if you find them some where.

My friend , Tharidu, Software Engineer, did not hesitate to clean a few place of Horton Plain. There a few places that you could put your garbage. These garbage vessel is very high, hence wild animals can not peep and eat these.


You can dump polythene into these bins. There is a process to clean or pick these garbage. Still There are 2 Legs Animals among us


 5. Do NOT Ignore These Foreigners or Locals

You meet a lot Foreigners or Local crowds  face to face as they have taken wrong direction.

From the distance, you can see, they are breathless or panting 🙂 as they have worked more than 6-7 kms and would have climbed couple of hills 🙂


Usually, they just want to finish the trail.

When they meet you, do not hesitate to smile with them or some encouraging word such “Oh you have come to end of trail” or “Do not worry, it is just a plain work” or “There are NO hills climbing, you can finish it fast” 🙂

A lot of Foreigners asked me several time this “How many km to finish the trail” and “Are there any more hills to climb” 🙂


Give simple smile and a few happy words. It will  help them move forward.

Therefore, Do not take to wrong path or direction when you visit Baker’s Falls in Horton Plain again.

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