Pattipola Railway Station & 18th Tunnel

Things To Do In Pattipola : Pattipola Railway Station & 18th Tunnel

When we were planning the Horton Plain trip, we decided to visit Pattipola Railway Station & 18th Tunnel.

In Pattipole,these are some Land mark place that if somebody visit Horton Plains area should visit.

We researched Nisansala Karunadasa Bungalow at 2:30PM on the 30th Oct 2014 after visiting Horton Plain.

Tell you frankly, we were bit exhausted and wanted to have a good rest.

We all had a good wash and took a nap until 4:00PM.

He had very nice tea in the evening from Nisansala Gueshouse and we decided to visit Pattipola Station,It is the highest railway station in Sri Lanka with altitude of 1897.5 /m high above mean sea level.



Even though it is just another station for everybody who visit this station but if you just think about the construction  of these rail road during the British time, it is a land mark achievement with the resources available during that time and technology that they used to build these railroads.

We wanted to wait until the Badulla Train arrives at the Pattipola Railway Station as I wanted a take a few photos of the Train approaching the Pattipola Railway Station,




My Camera is not a professional DLSR camera to take very good photos but I took 3 photos while train approaching the Pattipola Station.

Vinesh and Dilan told me that, the best part of the Train Journy starts from Kandy to Baddula.

They suggested to take train from Kandy to Pattipla next time when we want to visit Horton Plain again.

If you travel from Colombo to Pattipola/Badulla , it is a long slow journey but if you go to Kandy and then take the train to Badulla , it is bit of quick journey.

You can  see the most beautiful part of the Journey and  the scenic beauty of Sri Lanka through that journey.

If you leave Colombo very early like us (we left at 6:00 am), you can reach Kandy before 9:30am.

you can visit the place where ever you want in Kandy and then take the train from Kandy. Make sure you  are on time.

If you plane to go by a vehicle, the best option is,  you can go to Kandy by a Vehicle and  take a train from Kandy and tell the vehicle to come to your  destination.

I have not taken this model of Journey but these the suggestions of most seasonal  travelers.  We are going to take this model  of journey next time.



Pattipola station is much more modern than It was in couple of years back.

Recently, Government established a Tourist Information Centre at the Pattipla Station. Please note that, you have to go down to visit the centre as it is not adjoining to the Station.

I am not very sure the functions and activities of this centre but I am sure they would provide good information for foreigners.


A lot of Trekers and Hikers  used to go to see the Tunnel 18. Since we did not have time, we did not take that hike instead we decided to play Cricket on Pattipola Road.

Dilen brought  bats and balls so Vinesh led us to  a play ground to play cricket.

When we went to that place, there were a lot cows on that ground so we decided to play cricket on the road.

Be careful to do these. Seldom you find a vehicle and Three Wheelers on the road but they go very fast on the road as there are no traffic at all,




If you are interested to see some photographs of how the British and Sinhalees build these railroads, just click this link.

Tunnel 18  Between Pattipola Railway Station on Ohiya Station

Since I did not visit Tunnel 18, I can not write my personal experience on this but I researched about this in case if somebody wants to visit.


The below mentioned content are  all about other people’s opinion about  the Tunnel  18 on Internet.

In 1951, Tunnel 18 was collapse because  activities of the Garret Engines that were running on the Main Line in that time.

After the biggest engineer efforts, the tunnel repaired permanently in 1981 by Mr. Priyal De Silva.

The tunnel is situated about 3km away from the Pattipola railway station on Ohio side.

Main important thing of Pattipola tunnel 18thTunnel is both sides of this tunnel is different.

This tunnel divides Badulla and Nuwara Eliya districts, Border of Welimada and Nuwara Eliya Electorates, dry Zone and Wet Zone, Green forest zone and highest west gap zone.

1. One side of tunnel is Nuwara Eliya District and other side is Badulla District.
2. One side is wet zone and other side is dry zone
3. One side is hot and other side cool
4. Both sides are different
5. One side rainy other side sunny (probably)

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