My Honest Feeling about Nuwara Eliya Town In Sri Lanka

Why Did I Quickly Moved Out from Nuwara Eliya Town In Sri Lanka

I wrote  another post on “History of Nuwara Eliya”,if you are interested, why not read that. It is better know the History of the Place before You visit there.

Nuwara Eliya Town Map In Sri Lanka

Nuwara Eliya Town Map In Sri Lanka

We were very hungry when we reached Nuwara Eliya Town. I was so excited on our way to Nuwara Eliya as it was paradise to me.

After passing the President’s Bangalow, the Driver told me that, “This is Nuwara Eliya Town

Hmm !!!!, is this Nuwara Eliya Town which was built by British ? I am bit sceptical  about it.

Nuwara Eliya Town Street View

Nuwara Eliya Town Street View

Nuwara Eliya Town Street View.

Nuwara Eliya Town Street View. You can see the Sampath Bank. It is a nice Building

Nuwara Eliya Town

Sri Lankan Government invested some fund for the Infrastructure Development of Nuwara Eliya Town. My personal feeling is that, they need to allocate big budget on Infrastructure Development of Nuwara Eliya Town

I was bit disappointed with things that I was observing while the Vehicle  being moved through the Nuwara Eliya Town.

I was expecting an ancient British Style Town as Nuwara Eliya also know as “Little England”. I was expecting  to see a fleet of buildings like, Cargills Building in Colombo.

The other reason  is that I was expecting a type city  known to me from history of facts. Nuwara Eliya was colonised and built by British according to recent history facts.

Of course, Nuwara Eliya is blessed with salubrious climate, breathtaking views of valleys, meadows, mountains, waterfalls and greenery but NOT the Nuwara Eliya Town

But I was not impressed with the Town or City of Nuwara Eliya. For me Nuwara Eliya town looks like the Main Street in Pettah, Colombo.

Nobody in our team, wanted to have lunch from the town(May be they had the same feeling like me even though they been to Nuwara Eliya couple times before this visit) .

Lunch : Nuwara Eliya Sri Lanka

So we decided move forward towards the Greory Lake side.

Summary View of Nuwara Eliya Town

Summary View of Nuwara Eliya Town

Vinesh and Tharindu were bit concerned about the Food. Our company,Shipxpress provides Buffet type of Lunch for our employees every day so Vinesh and Tharindu wanted have a quality and clean food for lunch 🙂 like ShipXpress Buffet Lunch.

We stopped at Gregory Lake as I wanted. Vinesh and Tharindu were asked to check for a place for Food.

Vinesh and Tharindu wanted to find another place but I insisted them to have lunch around the Gregory Lake Side as I wanted to enjoy the atmosphere

Gregory Green Restaurant Setting Area

From Left to Righ: Diluk, Malith,Dilen,Tharidu and Vinesh. They were very hungry and They wanted drink some thing before Lunch. We took this Photo before Food was served

Gregory Green Restaurant Sign Boards

Gregory Green Restaurant Sign Boards. In case If you are Interested.

So we settled with Gregory Green Restaurant(Gregory Green Food) for our lunch.

It is a good Food center to have a quick meal. They provide Rice & Curry type of lunch as well as Chiness Fried Rice(Sri Lankan style Fried Rice :-)).

Owners were very friendly and quick in providing our meals.

Food was served hot. we ordered extra couple of meals as we were very Hungry. Vinesh and Tharindu also can eat like me 🙁

I do not call this Gregory Green as a “Restaurant” but it is a Food Oullet. You can sit outside  so that you can enjoy the Gregory Lakeside View while having your lunch.

While we were eating, rain came down, so we moved into the inside of  the Restaurant where there is shelter.

Since water was icy cold, I could not wash my hands properly :-).

The toilet was not very good and clean. Male can call it for a nature but not for a females.

Gregory Green Restaurant Final Bill

Gregory Green Restaurant Final Bill. This entire bill for the 7 people with Drinks.The Avg Amount per person is Rs 300/=

Gregory Lakeside Nuwara Eliya

Gregory Lakeside is very beautiful and you need to pay Rs 50/= to enter inside the area.

I am sure, they may charge bit of high amount for Foreigners.

Gregory Lakeside Nuwara Eliya

Malith or Dilen Would Have Taken this Photo of me. Nice Picture.I was checking my SMS messages 🙂

Gregory Lakeside Nuwara Eliya

Gregory Lakeside Nuwara Eliya. Gregory Lakeside is much more beautify than this Pictures

Gregory Lakeside Nuwara Eliya

Gregory Lakeside Nuwara Eliya.

If you go with your kids, this is the must place to rest and relax. if you have time, why not spend a few hours around Gregory Lake.

It is an excellent place to relax and enjoy out of your busy life.

You can see the Piduruthagale Mountains over Gregory Lake.

Gregory Lakeside Nuwara Eliya.

I took several nice photos of Gregory Lakeside but most of the photos were dark.

Some Silly Thoughts on Nuwara Eliya Season Time 

I never been to Nuwara Eliya during the Season. The Season starts from April and it last still end of April.

Vinesh told me that, Nuwara Eliya becomes very busy than Colombo during that Nuwara Eliya season time.

He told me that, Gregory Lake road has a lot of traffic during that time , it can be worst than Colombo city traffic.

You find carnivals, motor races, horse races and many things during the season.

I told myself that, I will never come to Nuwara Eliya during the season.May be Nuwara Eliya is more beautiful during the season  than in November period but I do not want to visit Nuwara Eliya during the busy time.

This Nuwara Eliya beauty is more that enough to add a few years to your life, if you relax your self and enloy this mother nature.You do not need to visit during the season time to get this same feeling.

The reason that I do not want to come to Nuwara Eliya during the season is that I want to come to Nuwara Eliya to relax or take a break out of busy corporate life or enjoy the free time with my family and friends.

If Nuwara Eliya become Colombo during the season, you never get that feeling and It will another rat race.

Further, Vinesh told that during the season, everything is very EXPENSIVE and some time double the price.

These are my silly thoughts. A lot of people wants to visit Nuwara Eliya during the Season.

Anyway different people have different expectations.

Race Course of the Nuwara Eliya is not maintained properly and it looks very messy. My friend Vinesh told me that, It will be cleaned and maintained during the Nuwara Eliya carnival season.

I did not take photos as it was not good scenes to take :-). if you are interested in horse races, why not take a vacation during the season time :-).

We did not visit the Hakgala Botanical Garden and Victoria Garden as we wanted to visit the Ambewela Wind Power & Ambewela Farm.

One of our Friends, Diluk, system Engineer’s relation works in the Ambewela farm and we wanted to visit that place.

If you are interested to buy grocery items from Nuwara Eliya, you can buy from Keells and Cargils supermarkets.

You can find most of the local banks in Nuwara Eliya town but I did not see HSBC or Standard Charted Bank or NDB Bank.

On your way, if you are interested to  buy some fruits from Nuwara Eliya, you can work into these fruit market stalls. But do not buy apples or Oranges or any other imported fruits, as you can get better once from Colombo 🙂 .

If you can  find good Nuwara Eliya Stawberry, Why not take a few bunches 🙂 .

Nuwara Eliya Fruits Market

There are several good and Bad Fruits sellers in this Market. Be careful when you buy. Select what ever you want to buy carefully.

Nuwara Eliya Golf Club is an excellent place  to visit, it is very beautiful and wanted to scroll on the Golf Club but could not find time do so 🙂

Nuwara Eliya Golf Club

Nuwara Eliya Golf Club is a Beautiful Place to visit. Next time, I will spend a couple hours around this Golf Club

I went to see Grand Hotel in Nuwaral Eliya. Frankly  I did not go inside the hotel but look around outside of the hotel.

Please read my Nuwara Eliya History Post, you will get to know everything about this Hotel.

Grand Hotel in Nuwaral Eliya

Grand Hotel is one of the Great Landmarks of Nuwara Eliya

I am not  sure, whether I missed anything in Nuwara Eliya town.

I personally believe that the beauty of the Nuwara Eliya lies outskirts of the Nuwara Eliya Town.

The Beauty of Horton Plain Nuwara Eliya

The Beauty of Horton Plain Nuwara Eliya

According to the facts and history, Just like Cameron Highlands(one of the Malaysian Island), Nuwara Eliya was developed as a retreat for the British.

The outskirts of Nuwara Eliya town is a heaven for the home sick. The whole district is today a stopover for those who wanted to escape from the lowland heat(Guys like me :-)) but NOT the Nuwara Eliya Town.

If the government is very serious about the Tourism and Travel industry in Sri Lanka, they should allocate good amount of funds to refurbish this ancient city.

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