Real Feeling of Ambewela Wind Power & Ambewela Farm Nuwara Eliya

What a Memorable Feeling, Ambewela Wind Power &  Ambewela Farm Nuwara Eliya

Ambewela Wind Power farm: At my first glance, I felt like, I was in a different world as I never have seen such green grasses and wind power farm in life. It gave me a stunning feeling and different experience.

Ambewela : Weather: 16°C, Wind NE at 13 km/h, 94% Humidity

Ambewela Farm

Grass area of Ambewela Farm

After a little bit of heavy lunch from Nuwara Eliya, we set out into the mountains in Ambewela Wind Power & Ambewela Farm Nuwara Eliya to enjoy the misty afternoon and cooling breeze.

When you come to the Blackpool Junction Nuwara Eliya, then you turn into the left side of the road to head on to the Ambewela and Horton Plain.

Entrance section of Ambewela Wind Power and the Farm

Entrance section of Ambewela Wind Power and the Farm

Since we booked our accommodation in Pattipola Nisansala Guesthouse, we took this road.

If you take this route, you will  NOT be very much excited at the beginning of the road but once you passed the Meepilimanna reservoir or Kande Ela Reservoir ( There are a lot of names for this Ambewela Reservoir) and the Forest department bungalow, you suddenly come into a different world.

everything around you is GREEN, even the sky is Green.

More grass

More Grass

Everywhere looks Green.

Ambewela Wind Power Fram

I told the driver to stop the vehicle immediately.

We stopped the vehicle and everybody got off. I was first to get off as I could not believe my own eyes and the feeling that I was getting.

What a mesmerising atmosphere of this Ambewela Wind Power & Ambewela Farm roadside.

Maybe I was a little taken up when I saw this place Ambewela Wind Power &  Ambewela Farm first time in my life.

We reached this place approximately at 3:00 PM.

The sky was bit dark, the mist was slowly setting in the atmosphere with a little drizzle.

What a feeling !!!!, a guy like me from Colombo, I felt like, I was entering into a different world.

I could not believe myself, why Sri Lanka is such a beautiful country. Other question that came to my mind was why on earth did I wait such a long time to visit this place.

On to our left side, lush green meadows and grasslands spread all over the Ambewela. On to my right side, giant white win mile Farm.

Ambewela Wind Power Fram

Ambewela Wind Power Fram

Win Turbine of the Ambewela Wind Power Fram

Win Turbine of the Ambewela Wind Power Fram

Ambewela wind Farm is one of the smallest wind power plant in Srilanka, Managed by Aitken Spence PLC. According to Wikipedia, it generates power connected to the national grid and it is only about 3MW  power.

This is the first time I saw a Windmill, some people call it, Wind Farm. I have seen these win farm on the internet but not with my own eyes.

Amazing View of Ambewela Wind Power frame

The Ambewela Wind Power & Ambewela Farm siting was amazing. The giant white colour Win farm on the meadows and other side is the Ambewela Farm grassland where cows are grazing on the green pasture.

My Canon Powershot camera is not the best for photography but I clicked the camera like crazy.

I was taking photos of the Ambewela Wind Power farm

I was taking photos of the Ambewela Wind Power farm

We told Driver to go ahead of us as we wanted to work on the Road and enjoy the breezing and the misty afternoon.

Everybody who comes to Ambewela, they go to see the Ambewela Farm or Ambewela New Zealand farm. They only take to route to reach that Destination but never enjoy the site-seeing of the roadside.

I am not saying, you should not visit the Farms but the beauty of the Ambewela lies between the way to these farms.

If you go by a vehicle on this road to the Farms then you will just go passed this atmosphere without enjoying it.

Your vehicle may go fast and you would not be able to enjoy what I may never enjoy the atmosphere and site.

Ambewela Farm


Logo of Ambewela Farms

Sing board of Ambewela Farms

Entrance of the Ambewela Farms outlet

Entrance of the Ambewela Farms outlet

I strongly recommend that you take a good walk on the road of Ambewela Wind Power &  Ambewela Farm.

Just get off from your vehicle where the Wind Farm is. just walk on the road up the Ambewela Milk Factory. You can tell your driver to come behind you or go pass you and part at the Ambewela Milk Factory venter[above Photo place].

there is a big space where you can part your vehicle.

Ambewela Wind Power & Ambewela Farm

Whoever goes there can enjoy fresh cow milk, goat cheese, or goat milk, and Yogurt. Enough of treatment.

If you are a Sri Lankan or foreigner, whoever, take my advice and take a good walk, take a good deep breath while walking and enjoy both sides of the road sites. if you have a camera, click as much as you want. it is so memorable.

Be careful when you work with your KIDS  as the road is narrow.

Vegetation area of Ambewela Farm

Vegetation area of Ambewela Farm

Vegetation area of Ambewela Farm

More Vegetation area of Ambewela Farm

WARNING: Do not try to walk in the Grassy area beside the road as there are a lot of leaches. Believe me, be careful about this. Walk on the tarred road.

I am pretty sure, I added at least 3 years to my life walking on that atmosphere 🙂

Ambewela Wind Power Farm

Ambewela Wind Power Farm

Ambewela Farm Grass Area

Ministry mountants of Amewela area

What is This Grass? Is this a Native Grass?

Have you ever wondered, what type of Grass is on these grasslands or meadow? By looking at the grass, you know that it’s not the native grass.

Then what?

it is called Rye Grass or Ryegrass

If a cow needs to produce high-quality milk, they need to consume high protein grass-like Ryegrass.

Next year, I am planning to go on a hike from Mepilimana Station to Pattipola Station.

It was a DAMN GOOD Experience and Looking forward to doing the same next year.

Extra Notes If You Like to Read More

About Ambewela

Ambewela Wind Power farm

A turbine of the Ambewela Wind Power farm

The area is also sometimes called Little New Zealand. The town is situated approximately 17 km south-east of the district capital Nuwara Eliya. it’s also popular for being the highest (in altitude).

There are two farms at Ambewela. One is Ambewela farm which is at on the way to Ambewela and New Zealand farm is at 3km from Ambewela railway station.

There are also two beautiful and famous lakes close to Ambewela’s place. One is Mepilimana ( Kandeela Lake ) and the other one is the Ambewela Reservoir.

Ambewela Reservoir flows though the New Zealand farm and Kandeela Lake at Mepilimana ( 6Km from Ambewela Junction of Nanuoya ) which is in the middle of Nuwara-Eliya and Ambewela.

If you are a fan of Hiking like me, then, you can see there is a nice big and deep railway bridge in the Ambewela area.

It is approximately at 3km away to the Parakumpura side of Ambewela.

Brief History of Ambewela Farms

In 1945, the Ambewela Farms was under the Department of Agriculture. In 1978, the National Livestock Development Board took over the farm. Fortunately or unfortunately, Chandrika Kuraranatunga’s government sold to Private sector in 2001.

Lanka Milk Foods bought Ambewela farms, a member of the Stassen Group of Companies.

Under this new management, the production at the farms, elevated to international standards, had since increased to threefolds and continues to flourish and advanced in quality and productivity.

A recent development at the Ambewela farm – a new, technologically advanced production facility – has now begun to introduce Flavoured Milk, Yoghurt and Cheese of premium quality, to the markets.

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