Review of Galaxy Hotel Kandy

Our Family Experience with Galaxy Hotel Kandy

I booked Galaxy Hotel Kandy after extensive research on Kandy and Hotels in Kandy.

I did my research on Hotels in Kandy on, & TripAdvisor, and read most of the reviews of the below-mentioned  hotels in Kandy Sri Lanka.

Paradise Inn
Red Hill Kandy
Serene Grand Hotel
Serene Grand Villa
Galaxy Hotel

Since I had a budget per night and also I was planning to go with my family, I wanted to get the best value for money.

Hotels in Kandy Sri Lanka

Google Map Plotting of Hotels in Kandy city

Paradise Inn: Hotels in Kandy

Paradise Inn, I did not select this hotel as reviews about this hotel was a bit bad, and also I checked with one of my friends in Kandy about the Paradise Inn. He said, NOT to select this if I am going with my family.

Further Paradise Inn is located in close to Peradeniya than Kandy city. Kandy railway station to Paradise  Inn is approximately about 6 km and 20 Minutes drive. if you travel by Tuk Tuk, you have to pay more than Rs 500/= per trip or Rs 600/= if you want to come to Kandy city from Paradise Inn.

Summary of the comments that I collected on the Internet.

1. However, the Paradise Inn actual condition is far below than of images posted by the on-line sources.
2. The room was not well prepared and surprisingly full of mosquitoes.
3. The bathroom quality is very poor.
4. Breakfast is very poor
5.No  A/C, too hot at night

1.Nice location in a quiet place
2. The room was a small and clean condition
3.Walking distant to famous Peradeniya Royal Botanical garden
4.Good for budgeted travelers

Red Hill Kandy: Hotels in Kandy

I did not select the Red Hill Kandy as I could not find an A/C room for the family since I have two kids. We are also allergic to Mosquitoes :-).

You have to travel approximately 3.3km from the Kandy City Centre and also it is situated bit in lonely place which my wife and kids may not like it.

Summary of the comments that I collected on the Internet.

1.A little difficult for the Tuk Tuk (taxi) to find
2. Mosquito nets were the only thing missing
3. Red Hill Kandy is located in the hills above Kandy. It’s a 30-minute walk from Kandy Lake (or 10 minutes by Tuck Tuck).

1. A family-run accommodation, it is very cozy and has a scenic view of the hills river and greeneries
2.Great spread of breakfast and one night we had dinner in & delicious freshly prepared meals.
3.Excellent location with most probably the best view in Kandy
4.Spacious, quiet room with a private balcony
5. The owner and staff are kind and very friendly
Owner of the Place: Chulanka Herath
077 350 3503(+9477 350 3503)

Serene Grand Villa: Hotels in Kandy

Serene Grand Hotel and Serene Grand Villa are owned by the same management but I did not select as some reviews say that it does not have a lift and also found a few negative comments.

But one of my friends stayed in this hotel in 2014 and he said, it is a  good hotel. It is very close to the railway station and Kandy city center, Temple of tooth relic, and other necessary location.

Summary of the comments that I collected on the Internet.

1. The room was very noisy being above the kitchen
2. The A/C was noisy. The fan was noisy. The staff were not particularly helpful.
3. Internet slow, rooms are small
4.Rooms not clean, a/c did not work. The smell from the kitchen vented into the room. The food was very poor.
5.Very expensive when compared to the facilities offered. Exorbitant
6. The water in the bathroom is not hot. Breakfast was very basic and mean the same every day. 7. The Internet is very slow and the TV does not …

1. I was a bit worried about going here as not many reviews but boy was I wrong
2. We stayed at this Villa 2 nights. The rooms were nice and clean
3.The kitchen staff were very responsive and cooked us excellent dinner and breakfast on short notice
4.Good A/C, quality washroom with hot water shower, high-speed wifi, extremely comfortable beds
5. It was only a few minutes in a tuk-tuk to the  Kandy city center.

Tekla Chandrasena(Front Office Executive)
Serene Grand Villa,
113, Rajaphilla Mawatha, Kandy, Sri Lanka
Tel No -+9481-2205367/68/69/70|
Mobile: +94768240346
E-mail –
Web –

Some reviews are good for the same facility but some reviews were bad for the same facilities. you need to be very wise when you check these Hotel Reviews.

Before Booking  Hotels in Kandy Sri Lanka

You should not totally rely on the Hotel’s review as you have to use your own judgment to select a hotel. Some of the people are very conservative and fussy about very little things than more important requirements in selecting the place.

You never find everything right every time, therefore, do your own research on the hotels in Kandy  Sri Lanka before booking.

If you book online, you may get a better service as the hotel wants to get a better review but you need to pay a little bit of higher price for Hotels in Kandy Sri Lanka.

But you book directly with the hotel, some time, you may NOT get the best rooms as the hotel does not worry much about the online review.

Make sure, you call them and ask the room number and the location of the room when you do reservation for Hotels in Kandy Sri Lanka

Do not get paralyze 🙂  while you analyzing these things :-). You never book a hotel room if you research too much or relies on secondary data on the internet too much.

You have used your gut feeling and common senses when you book a hotel in Kandy  Sri Lanka.

Galaxy Hotel: Hotels in Kandy Sri Lanka

Galaxy Hotel Kandy Sri Lanka

I found that Galaxy hotel was build very recently and since they want to attract guests so they offered the Deluxe Room for very cheap rate.

The first that I noticed was, had very good reviews about the Galaxy Hotel.

The website photos about the rooms are very very attractive so I checked with one of my friends in Kandy about this hotel and He told me the same thing. I was built recently and nice looking hotel but not 5 Star 🙂

I found the Galaxy hotel website and called them directly and asked them the price.

They said they can give me the Deluxe Room for 4 people with B’fast for Rs 12,000/=. It was less than what offered.

I went thorough bit of hassle to book the rooms as I did not get the required prompt response when I want but it is worth the hassle.

I did the correspondence via email and I paid an advance of Rs 4,000/= to confirm the booking.

Some of the details of the Galaxy Hotel in Kandy Sri Lanka

Galaxy City Hotel,
No 43, Old Matale Road,
Kandy Sri Lanka.
Tel :+94(0)81229792, +94(0)812229698,
Email :

Reception Area of the Galaxy Hotel in Kandy Sri Lanka


I could not take a photo of the front side of the Galaxy Hotel.  I  captured this from the Google Street maps.

It is a bit difficult to find the location as it is not situated on the main road but you can see the back of the hotel from the main road.

So make sure, you take the telephone numbers of the Galaxy Hotel or take the internet to enable smartphones to locate the place correctly.

It does not have a great reception hall like a 3-4 star hotel. on to your left side, you find the lobby and on your right side, you find the restaurant where you take your B’fast and Dinner.

We were not given the welcome drinks but that is OK for us.

The great thing was, they allowed us to check to our room before 12:00 PM. we reached the place at 10:00 AM and they gave us the room at that time.

This was great otherwise we had to keep our stuff at the reception.

Reception area of Galaxy Hotel Kandy

The reception area of the Hotel. It has decent Interior

The lobby was nice and clean. It is located in front of the reception.

Another view of the Reception area of the Hotel

Reception desk of Galaxy Hotel Kandy

Reception desk of the Hotel

So Reception, Lobby, and Restaurant are on the same floor. That is a great combination too.

I am pretty sure, they will improve the things as they go along.

Inside of the Deluxe Room Galaxy Hotel in Kandy Sri Lana

Deluxe Room of Galaxy Hotel Kandy

Deluxe Room of Galaxy Hotel Kandy. Beds were very Comfortable

Rooms are pretty big and it was very very clean.

My two kids had enough room to fight and play 🙂

A/C was perfect and the furniture in the room was in excellent condition. Hmm, it is a new hotel

It was an excellent room for a family and had every equipment.

Deluxe Rooms Beds of Galaxy Hotel Kandy

Deluxe Rooms Beds of Galaxy Hotel Kandy

A clear view of Deluxe Rooms Beds

My elder son was about the get up in the morning 🙂

Galaxy Hotel Kandy

You can set and relax on these Chairs. Rooms were very big




The one thing I like most is that electric appliances were in very good quality. All most all my electronic gadgets were able to plug in without any issue.

They were very generous providing water bottles for us.

Wash Rooms of the Galaxy Hotel


We had enough hot water to go around and all equipment was in very good condition. Everything works very well.


wash room of Galaxy Hotel Kandy

Wash Room of Galaxy Hotel Kandy. Wash Room also much bigger than the normal Hotel Wash Room

B’Fast of Galaxy Hotel

While I was reading some of the reviews, one negative thing about this hotel was the B’fast therefore I was a bit skeptical about the B’fast.

Our experience was totally different and we were given very good B’fast.

I and Wife ate “Idiyappam” (String Hoppers) and my kids ate Cornflakes and Bread Toast with Eggs and sausages. We were given enough to eat.

We were quite satisfied with the Service and the B’fast.

Galaxy Hotel Kandy B'fast Area

B’fast area of the Hotel. Well, They served decent B’fast


These two gave us good service and we tipped them generously.

“What Goes Around Comes Around”



Jam & Butter Packets -Galaxy Hotel Kandy

Outside Review

If you are looking forward to having a great review outside of your room, then you should select a different hotel but it provides a good view of some of the mountains in Kandy City.

In case, you get up in the early morning, then you can see the very clear view of some of the mountains in the City of Kandy.



Balcony and passages of the hotel have great space where you can come and relax outside your room.





We as a family, really enjoyed our stay at the Galaxy Hotel in Kandy.

We got a great room with excellent facilities, very good B’fast and very good and friendly service from the staff.

If I go to Kandy again with my family, definitely, I will book the Galaxy Hotel again and highly recommend the Galaxy hotel for any locals or foreigners.

My personal advice is, do your research on Best Hotels in Kandy before you book a hotel in Kandy.

Galaxy Hotel Beds

I was busy watching some Youtube videos with my younger son