Ambepussa Rest House Review

Ambepussa Rest House Hotel Review

On the way to Nuwara Eliya, we stopped at Ambepussa Rest House managed by Ceylon Hotels Corporations.

I thought of writing a review of my refreshing experience at the Ambepussa Rest House to share some useful information with you.

Ambepussa Rest House-Ceylon Hotels Corporation

Ambepussa Rest House-Ceylon Hotels Corporation Logo. It is just in front of the Hotel

We had our breakfast in the van, however, everybody wanted to have a good cup of tea before going any further.

Another important item on our agenda was to relieve ourselves from the call of nature, so we stopped at the Hotel cafeteria. it is located on the right side of the road if you travel from Colombo to Kandy or Nuwara Eliya.

Other Side of the Rest House

If you like to stay a night, you can drive inside. This is the entrance of the Hotel

General Information of the House Ceylon Hotel

Ambepussa Rest House-Ceylon Hotels was renovated by the Sri Lankan government with the idea of boosting the tourism industry in Sri Lanka, therefore it seems very clean and elegant from the outside.

We parked our vehicle on the right side of the road where the cafeteria is located.

I can remember that my father loves to eat from this place as he believes that the Ambepussa Hotel was the only clean place where he could have a decent lunch or breakfast.

Car Parking area of the Rest House

Hotels Corporation roadside parking. Do not worry, you can park your vehicle in front of the Hotel; it is legal.

I observed that a lot of people take breakfast in this restaurant area and use washrooms before doing anything else.:-).

Ambepussa Restaurant Area

Ambepussa Rest House-Ceylon Hotels Corporation cafeteria section. We had tea, milk tea, and coffee.

Ambepussa Rest House Coffee & Tea

Before I had my coffee, I went to the washroom and it was in very good condition and you can do whatever you want to do without fear.

I did not take pictures of the Wash Room 🙂 but I can assure you that, it is clean.

Ambepussa Rest House-Ceylon Hotels Corporation

If you want to have something, you can order it from the menu or can tell a waiter what you want.

Waiters serve the food without delay. We got our tea and coffee within 10 minutes. Please do not hesitate to give tips to those Waiters generously.

Ambepussa Rest House-Ceylon Hotels Corporation

Hotels Corporation snack area. If you want to take away, you can select whatever you want. Quite a good service.

If you want to have a decent breakfast in the Srilankan style, this would be a good place as Menu has a good variety.

Ceylon Hotels Corporation cafeteria

We did not spend much time at the Ambepussa Rest House cafeteria, as we wanted a visit to several other places before reaching to Nuwara Eliya.

You can find a couple of flies here and there but it is a decent place to have a cup of tea or breakfast or even your lunch.

This is the bill that we got. You can see the amounts clearly.

The Bill that we received from the resturant

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