What Is the Best Time to Watch Sambar Deers in Horton Plains

I Love Watching Sambar Deers In Horton Plains . Do You?

The main attraction of the Horton Plains is World’s End and some people go to see the Baker’s Falls but is NOT to Sambar Deers in Horton Plains


Our main objective was to see Wild Animals, Sambar Deers in Horton Plains and that is the reason we went to Horton Plains before even 7:00AM in a misty morning.

Wow What a feeling was It. I can still recall.

Unfortunately, we did not see a single animal in the Horton Plains on our way to Horton Plains. as there was thick fog , we could not even see the road. What Sambar Deers ?



Once we finished the Horton Plains , we decided to go back to  Nisansala Guest House to have good rest as we were dead tired.

I was expecting to see Sambar Deers or any other animal in side the Horton Plains trail.

Please never expect to see Sambar Deers or any animal while you walk.

According to my research nobody has seen any animal while they walk on the trail but if you camping, that is a different story. You may or may not see animals


Do not carry hope like me 🙂 , you will be disappointed !!!!.


I was very impressed with the site seen of the road and I told the Driver to go slow so that I could enjoy the surrounding ,valley and Jungle of the Horton Plains.

Suddenly , our driver screamed, Look Look , there there &&&**$$###, Deer , Sir Deer.

I got little bit  scared as our driver was shouting like as if he seen a Ghost .

I told the Driver to calm down and Do not scream as Samba Deers might get scared of this Driver

Anyway, I was so thrilled and excited.

At last, we spotted a Sambar Deer at Horton Plains





I took enough pictures of the Sambar Deer.

Other Sambar Deers were bit far from the Road therefore we could not see them properly but I managed to take a few photos of those Sambar Deers too.

You can spot a Sambar Deers around the Horton Plains Bungalow. When you go , slow down your vehicle around Horton Plains Bungalow , you would be able to spot a Sambar Deer.

You only can see the Sambar Deers after the Main Entrance where you buy your ticket and before entering into the Horton Plains Trail, the Gate which check your ticket.

The best time to see Sambar Deers is in between 8:00AM to 12:00PM.


When you drive on these road, you suddenly can see Sambar Deers crossing the road. they are quite use to vehicles and People.

I have seen some blog posts, some of the Sambar Deers come close to vehicles finding food.

I totally against giving food to wild animal or Sambar Deers. we should not give different taste for them as they try to find these taste again and again. Giving food, we distroy natural life styles of these innocent wild Animals

They should only taste the wild food which they can find from the forest. there are enough food to go around


I love to gaze this view as if it goes to infinite


I told Van driver to stop on this area as I just wanted to enjoy the beauty of this Landscape Horton Plains.


At last we spotted a flock of Sri_Lankan Jungle-Fowls. They are very beautiful. I could not take very good photos of them due to  limitation of my Canon Camera


Some Notes on Sambar Deers

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