Places to Stay in Jaffna Town and Jaffna Town Hotels

The Biggest Issue that You need to Sort out before Visiting Jaffna; Place to Stay in Jaffna Town or City

If you read my ‘Young Beautiful Jaffna, She is Still a Virgin’ post, I have mentioned that one of my objectives of this trip is to get familiar with  Jaffna as I want to take my family to Jaffna next time.

Therefore I went to several Jaffna Town Hotels to find the conditions of these places so that I can select the best place to stay in Jaffna town or city when I come to Jaffna again with my family.

Map of Jaffna AM

Of course, I stayed in Ari’s house with our office colleagues and it was quite a good place for us but Ari was kind enough to take me around to find a good place to stay in Jaffna.

Assess Yourself First

As I mentioned earlier, we stayed in none A/C house and we had no issues with that.

We really enjoy Ari’s house and its facilities but If you are a person who does not like heat waves, then you must carefully select your hotels in Jaffna.

According to my experience, During the end of April, It is quite ok to travel in the mornings and evenings.

If you try to travel in-between 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM, it is a bit hard to go out under the sun in Jaffna as heat weaves are bit strong.

Of course, native people do not feel this but people like us feel the difference quite obviously.

Therefore, if you travel with family or you come from overseas, then better look for an air-conditioned place to stay in Jaffna town.

Trip Advisor’s Recommendation on Jaffna Town Hotels

I do not want to comment on Trip advisor rating and recommendations as I did not stay in any of these hotels in Jaffna but visited Cosy Restaurant Hotel and Tilko Jaffna City Hotel and Green Grass Hotel.

TripAdvior Ranking

 Cosy Hotel and Restaurants: Jaffna Town Hotels






Ari took us to have lunch in the Cosy Hotel and Restaurants. I guess Ari wanted a give us a decent lunch 🙂

Since it took a lot of time to make and server, I told the staff to show me the rooms of the hotel and the prices.




IMG_3101It looks very decent and the price is very reasonable.

Therefore I booked this hotel for my Brother- in -law and an Uncle who came from Austria(I did this book when I went back to colombo).

When they arrived, the Cosy Hotel and Restaurants A/C did not work at all.

Then the Management of the Hotel gave them other rooms but A/C was not good enough so they checked out and went to Green Grass Hotel.

Of course, my Brother- in- law was bit piss off with me since I recommended this hotel and they loved the Green Grass Hotel. They stayed for 2 nights.


Notes: Back yard of the Cosy Hotel and Restaurants.


IMG_3095 IMG_3096

Note: I like this and It looks very natural. A lot foreigners come to this Cosy Hotel and Restaurants for lunch



Anyway, Cosy Hotel and Restaurant took good amount of time to serve our Lunch and most of our colleagues enjoyed the food but my personal opinion is that it is very expensive.


Please refer the bills attached on this post. You can eat very good food from Jaffna much more cheaper than this. Believe me!!!! 🙂



 Summary of Cosy Hotel and Restaurant.

In summary, if you are not looking for above 2 stars hotels, then this is a good place as it is located in Town itself so that you have access all the necessaries.

IMG_3376 IMG_3377

If you do not mind to spend a little bit of extra money for lunch or dinner, then why NOT have lunch or dinner in these restaurants.

If I go with my family, I will not stay in this hotel but If I go along, I will stay.

Tilko Jaffna City Hotel: Place to Stay in Jaffna Town or City: Jaffna Town Hotels

in my opinion, Tilko Jaffna City hotel is located in one of the best places in Jaffna town.

Jaffna Fort is situated in walking distance and you can walk to the main Jaffna town effortlessly.



I could not see the rooms of the Hotel as it was fully booked on that day.



Note: Ari is going inside to the Hotel like a big Gun 🙂


Please note that they maintain two tariffs. One for out of season and another one for the season. Call them before booking them. Ask the off-season price as it is a bit cheap.

My personal advice is, if you do not go with kids, then book a ROOM ONLY so that you can take your meals from outside for a very cheap price.


Staff is very friendly and they answered all my queries without grumbling 🙂


Notes: Our office colleagues were relaxing in the A/C lobby


 Green Grass Hotels in Jaffna: Jaffna Town Hotels

I did not go inside into the hotel as I did not have time as we came too late to the Jaffna Railway Station but I took a chance and went into the place to take a few shots

Green Grass Hotel 5

Green Grass Hotel 1

Green Grass hotel is located just next to the Jaffna railway station. If you look at the above photo very carefully, you can see the Jaffna railway station water tank very clearly.

Green Grass Hotel 2

At the end of April 2015, Green Grass Hotel was renovating.

Actually, it was adding more room for the hotel and upgrading the existing room and facilities.

Green Grass Hotel 4

Green Grass Hotel 3

 Summary of Place to Stay in Jaffna Town and Jaffna Town Hotels

Today, 20th of Feb 2016, I am planning to visit Jaffna with my family during August school holidays. If I go with my wife and kids, I definitely try book Tilko Jaffna City Hotel and then my second choice is Green Grass Hotel (as my uncle and brother-in-laws highly recommended the place).

I like Tilko Jaffna City hotel due to its location and it goes with my budget.

I think it is decent enough to stay with a family. Failing, then I will book the Green Grass Hotel as it is the same standard hotel that my family may like.

If I visit Jaffna alone, then I try to stay in Ari’s House again 🙂  otherwise, I will book Cosy Hotel and Restaurant, purely due to the cheap price and the location

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