My Personal Experience on Journey to World’s End Horton Plains

The Main Attraction of the Horton Plain is World’s End. Is this True ?

Tell you frankly,  I am not very sure about the truth about this but a lot of people to go to Horton Plains to see World’s End beauty.

Do not get upset but there are many World’s End in Sri Lanka. This is only one of the World’s End.

May be Horton Plain Word’s End is one of the popular and most famous World’s End :-).

Anyway, this is about Horton Plain World’s End.

Honour of then Governor of Ceylon (1831-1837) Sir Robert Wilmot Horton. In the year 1969, Horton Plains was declared a nature reserve.

One of Sri Lanka’s most famous natural attractions, World’s End is a spectacular cliff face with a dramatic 900 metre drop.

[Please note this is a Youtube video which I found on the Internet about World’s End in Horton Plain]

In 1988, the reserve was elevated to the status of a National Park.


It’s a fairly easy 6km walk from the main Y junction of Horton Plains, through grassland, gentle streams and eventually forest.

I am not very sure about  this story but it is also sometimes called “lovers leap” and according to legend this was the place  where two lovers Monica and Brito jumped to their death when their families objected to them being together.

I can NOT even imagine 🙂 . Some people says, Love is Blind 🙂

My wife told that there is another “Lovers Leap” in Trincomalee,Sri Lanka. wow Beautiful Beaches of Sri Lanka

you must be wondering what’s the deal with the World’s End(This is the main reason I went to see), mini or not.

World’s End basically refer to the feature of this plateau where the edge fell in a straight drop manner to the valley.

Not gentle slopes there. It was as if the earth just collapsed in a vertical column. 🙂

At Mini World’s End the drop is not quite as pronounced, measuring nearly 300m, but at World’s End, just under 900m separates the standing edge and the solid ground below.

It’s a very long way down this impressive precipice.

When we reached World’s End, sun was shining overhead, the sky blue as it could be, and somehow the misty cloud covers that came and went ,

This phenomenon of low cloud cover is common enough to earn national park the name of cloud forest.

We were told that the panoramic and distant views are bound to get obscured by the mist from around 10am onwards but we reached world’s end at 10:30AM.

As such an early morning arrival at the escarpment would stand in good stead. some people says, during the the rainy months of May to July, the mist is particularly thick therefore if you plan to visit World’s End, then try to avoid May to July month.


Tell you frankly , we could not see the World’s End spectacular view properly duet  mist but gather what type of view would have been greet us if there was no mist.

On a fine day you can supposedly see the sea (several hundred miles away. Hmm, I can NOT believe but), but We’ve never had the luck to confirm that!. if you do , do let us know ?

As I mentioned to you earlier, the work to World end is a good 6km hike between forests and lush valleys.

The most fascinating was the massive temperature difference between the valleys and the forests.You can really feel the difference

The great temperature flux is attributed to the valleys heating and cooling rapidly, while the forests remains insulated from the extremes thus making them far cooler than the valleys but I love the valley view and the beauty than forests

It is just a forest but valley greet you with its lush vegetation and scenery which you carries these memoirs for life.


It is need to mentioned that I really enjoy the walk from Bakers Fall to World’s End. there are many things that you can capture.





When you come close to  World’s End Horton Plain, you find the below mentioned man made bridge.

I guess, we have worked more than 6km at that time and we were bit tired. we jumped in the water stream to wash our face.


It was ice cold but that bit of water gave full of strength and  refreshment to move forward.

Do not hesitate wash yourself and take a break at this place. I do not advice you to drink this Water under any circumstance. I am pretty sure, it is clean but not drinkable .


My Best Advice. Take It or Leave It. 

When you reach world’s end, please remove all you bags and other stuff from your body and keep on the ground before looking at the World’s view.

It is very beautiful and wonderful view but also very dangerous too. A lot of people have fallen from the this precipice and never come back alive except one Forginer(Recent indecent)

Slightest inbalance in your body movement, there is good chance to go over and never to come back therefore make sure, you remove everything form your body so that you have better control and balance of your body.

It is another Beauty and the Beast  story 🙂

Just look what we did. we kept everything on the ground.


If you are with your slippers, then remove that  so that we have better Grip.

If you go with your children, then you have to be extra careful. make sure your kids are not go very closer to precipice side.

Do not try to take very good photo graphs . You life is more worth than photo that you try to take.

A lot of people to reach the edge of precipice to take a better view but I do not advice. Risk is too much.

I took every precautions before peaping into. I could not see what I wanted but I told my self, this is good enough.



Mini World’s End

Mini World’s End the drop is not quite as pronounced. According the some of the facts, measuring nearly 300m.

We did not spend much time over Mini World’s end. The good news , you can watch Mini World’s properly than World’s end due the concrete structure that has been made.




If you want to take photos or watch the Mini World’s end properly, keep your belongings like we did below and then stretch yourself like below the see the Mini World’s end.

This is the most safest way to watch the Mini World’s end.

Do not worry about your wearing and whether it will get dirty or not. Life is more worth than these cloths.

The is the most advicable way to watch the Mini World’s End. Just look at where our bags and how did we peep 🙂


This what you can see if you peep from Mini World’s end.


As mentioned to you , this the jungle of the Horton Plain. I did not take much photos in these ares as nothing much to see. it is just thick jungle but I love the birds singing sound that you get when you work on this trail.

Horton Plain Jungle Which I did NOT enjoy


As I mentioned to you earlier , I have my own explanation for these type of vegetation that Horton Plain has .

If you careful look at these trees, you do not mind much larger leaves and larger trees. These trees are short and compact.


Look at these trees very carefully. I am not good photographer. The below mentioned photo came due to limitation of my canon camera.

If you look at the trees, it has pattern and similarity. These tress do not grow higher. You can find these type of tree in near desert area or some of area where you find radiation.



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