McDonald Sri Lanka

This is about McDonald Sri Lanka restaurant based on my experience. We visit McDonald’s outlets in Sri Lanka very often, as McDonald’s is a favourite of my younger son’s.

I  travel overseas quite often and make it a point to savour the flavours of the local McDonald’s in those countries as well.

Personally, I am a health-conscious person, therefore, I  know what to eat and what not to eat, when it comes to food.

McDonald Service Experience

My personal experience is that, McDonald’s is the fastest Fast Food restaurant in Sri Lanka, and abroad.

Now, let me add a few words about  McDonald’s Seeni Sambol Breakfast. I strongly feel that it is a good meal to try whether you are a Sri Lankan or foreigner.

McDonald Breakfast Menu – Seeni Sambol Breakfast

McDonald’s is McDonald’s, so you would experience the bread  which the burgers are made of, slightly sweet.  However that  disappears after  two or three bites of the burger,  Sri Lankan’s, are usually used to a heavy breakfast

Choose a Seeni Sambol Breakfast, the local version of Maccies, with caramelized onion sambol wrapped in a fried egg, which is sandwiched inside the bun.

Along with the Seeni Sambol Burger, the meal also includes black coffee and a hash brown.

McDonald Sri Lanka Seeni Sambol Breakfast

McDonald Seeni Sambol Breakfast


McDonald's Seeni Sambol Breakfast with Coffee

McDonald’s Seeni Sambol Breakfast with Coffee

McDonald Seeni Sambol Breakfast berger

Closer image of McDonald Seeni Sambol Breakfast Burger

McDonald Sri Lanka Sambol Breakfast Burger

McDonald Sri Lanka Sambol Breakfast Burger

McDonald Coffee.

McDonald Coffee. This comes with the Breakfast

McDonald Egg Burger Breakfast – Nugegoda

I tried Egg Burger Breakfast to check what it tastes like. To my experience; it is much better  than what you get at McDonald Singapore or Europe.  I must say, I  like the way the egg was fried.  Also the bun was also very fresh, similar to that of McDonald’s overseas.

I selected a bottle of water instead of coffee.

McDonald Egg Berger Breakfast

McDonald Egg Burger Breakfast

McDonald Sri Lanka Egg Berger

Egg Burger after I tasted a few bites of the Burger 🙂

If you are not a fan of McDonald, you could try at Dinemore,

McDonald Sri Lanka Locations