[Jaffna Railway Station] My Cherished Memories with the Most beautiful Railway Station in Sri Lanka

If you never been to Jaffna railway station, you just expect some sort of upgraded version of  Pettah main station when you reach Jaffna.

When you reaching the Jaffna railway station, you can see  it from very far. You will see that It is the most beautiful railway station in Sri Lanka  if you been to some  other railway stations in Sri Lanka.

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The platform of the railway station is extremely long therefore passengers can get down and get in without major hassle.



Ticket counters are modern and  maintain very nicely and it looks very clean.








There is nice canteen inside the railway station and it has most of the thing that you want.


I did not check the prices of these food or drinks but I am pretty sure, these are reasonabley priced.


There are two rest rooms for Men and Women. Even though  these are not air-conditioned, you can relax or do what ever you want there.


I did not take photos of the toilets and wash rooms but they are in good condition compared to Kandy and  Pettah main railway stations.

There are very big parking place for buses, vans and three-wheelers. The good thing about it is,  sections are separated for  these different types of vehicles..


There are  Vans that you can take for hire. Most of these Drivers speaks Sinhalese and some English. Make sure, you  agree  a price  before boarding into these hiring vehicals


 It is hard to find a metered Taxi but in general, 3-Wheelers are less expensive than in Colombo or Kandy.

Most of the 3-Wheeler drives do not speak Sinhala or English therefore it is better you tell the destination that you want to go before getting into.

Make sure, you and driver are very clear about the destination .



 You can see the “Green Grass Hotel ” behind the Jaffna Railway station.Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 10.21.30 PM

I took the above picture   while Yal Devi was approaching the Jaffna Station.

I loved the colour of Jaffna station and also the artechture of the railway station. I am not sure, whether the architecture goes with the Jaffna Culture.



 There are plastic flowers 🙂



Right side of the Jaffna Railway station . It is very big and has very big space to park any vehicles


Front view of the Jaffna railway station.




It is very pleased to  be and enjoy the atmosphere of the Jaffna railway station even though you feel the heat waves.

It is almost one year since I had been to jaffna station and I am not sure whether it has been maintained the same way as it was to be. But I still cherished real feelings of this Jaffna railway station.

Just want to make note, if you are foreigner or Sri Lankan who lives  outside of  Sri Lanka, Jaffna railway station can be  another  railway station and sometimes it  might not give the same feelings that i had when i was there as other countries railway station are much more modern and shphoiticated than our railway stations.

This is How it was

I got the below posted photos of Jaffna railway station via email and I do not know who owns the copyright of these photos and I do not know whom should I refer to credit them.

Therefore. If somebody knows , please let me know I can refer the original owner of these photo or can remove them from  this site.

Jaffna Railway Station Front

Jaffna Railway Station

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