If you Want to Live close to Heaven, The Place is World’s End Lodge,Ohiya

If you want to indulge your five senses among the misty mountains or if you want to disconnect your mind from the rest of the world  and enjoy a peace of mind for a few days, then World’s End Lodge,Ohiya  would be the ideal heaven for you. Truly this is the tranquility at its best.

But  if you want   five star or four star  hotel facilities, then this is not a best or even good place for you. But if you are person who wants to be in the nature and enjoy the mother nature then this is the heaven for you.

I have traveled many places in Sri Lanka, but this is the best place that I ever stayed until now. Until you reach the destination, you never expect to stay place like this, World’s End Lodge,Ohiya. It is the experience in misty mountains.


This World’s End Lodge is located in a historic hiking trail leading to the Horton plains in upper Ohiya area.


World’s End Lodge is situated at an altitude of approximately 1270 m, the climate is always cool and refreshing.


If you visit this place on a sunny day with deep blue skies, you can see miles and miles into the horizon but I love the mist more than deep blue skies :-).


There is a high chance that you will surround with  mist within a matter of minutes or seconds but what ever happens is immaterial to the experience that you gain when your  are solely  in this place.


This review is about the Place but NOT  much about the hotel  as you must appreciate the  fact that, atleast  this type of facilities available in such place



If  travelled along the Colombo-Rathnapura-Wellawaya-Batticalao (A4 Road), you will find Ginigathgala Kirimatiya Road in front of the Walhaputhenna Central College right next to the 175 km post.

Just see the below picture. you never miss this 175km post unless you are blind 🙂


After the turn-off at the 175th KM post, an uphill climb on a narrow winding road. The road is not very  good therefore you need make sure,you vehicle tires are good enough and has good amount of ground clearance.


There are many U turns and you should not drive very fast and also you should be very careful when you drive as it  is off road type of a  road.

IMG_4775 IMG_4776

This is the entrance to the World’s End Lodge.


There are ample car parking space but make sure, you park your vehicle so that you go back without any issue.

If the car park is full, it is bit difficult to turn your vehicle.


There are several categories of rooms depending on the location and condition.

  • Eagle’s View Rock Cabin
  • Eagle’s nest Rooms
  • Superior Rooms
  • Normal Rooms

We selected Normal Rooms sections. In my opinion, it is good selection according to our budget.


Hotel Tariff  as of 14th of November 2015

Eagle’s Nest Rooms of World’s End Lodge


This the entrance of the Eagle’s nest Rooms. I read a lot reviews about World’s End Lodge and most of people talks about this terrace facility of this Eagle’s nest rooms.



You can visit the Eagle’s nest Rooms Terrace and you can see the entire view of place but in my opinion, you get a better view at the Normal room section.


If you do not mind, why not pay a little of money and book these rooms 🙂




Normal Rooms Section of World’s End Lodge


We booked this section. only thing is , it is bit of clim that you need to do with your bags. if you are not fit engouth, then this is bit of tiring thing.





Notes: Dilen took this photo. He bought a DSLR camera before he went on this Trip 🙂

This is the rooms that you get. this is the highest altitude  of the place therefore in my opinion, this is the best place to stay if you want to be with this misty mountains

Normal Rooms Section Rooms Condition of World’s End Lodge


It offers everything one would need for a comfortable stay but no the luxury things. Bear in mind that.


I  have nothing to complaint about the place  but one thing that I noticed was, the floor of the rooms were never clean properly. if you walk bear feet, then you find a lot of dirt on your feet 🙂


Toilets are clean and it was in good condition. We had enough hot water to wash.





Take you own bed sheets and towels if you do not want to use these things 🙂

Lunch, Dinner, B’Fast and Tea/Coffee World’s End Lodge

Service at World’s End Lodge is amicable and homely – while it may NOT have resembled all star perfection, it was the least to our satisfaction anyway. We liked the friendly atmosphere.





This is the manager and I can NOT remember his name. I was told that, his father was the previous manager of this place.

May be these people are loyal to the owner of this place.

Loyalty pays good dividends 🙂


Food is nice and delicious. you can eat any amount of food. it is served very hot and it is better to eat when it is hot.


we ate a lot of food and staff of the restaurant and the hotel are very friendly.



This is my plate 🙂



Notes:Left to Right:Tharidu,Myself, Diluk,Malith and Kusal(He was NOT sleeping 🙂 )

We had to order chicken dish twice.

The Pool Section

The true attraction at the Lodge though was the natural water pool located right between the old and the new wings which is directly fed by the streams , again, overlooking the mountains.

I spent many hours around this pool as you are always  surrounded by mist . I love the mist and coldness.


It is a clean pool and it is better use it in the morning than evening 🙂



Notes:Left to Right: Diluk, Tharidu and Vinesh.

Eagle’s View Rock Cabin Rooms Section

This is the newest section of the hotel but I am not very sure about the view and condition about the rooms.

But I took some photos so that you can take decision.


This is located in down hill side of the hotel. It is newly built and it seems that it is more cleaner than other areas.



This is the rooms section and there are 3 rooms if I am not mistaken.






This rooms has it own  pool 🙂


Summary of the Review


7 people went on this trip and we stayed 1 night full board.  The total cost is Rs 30994=>30,000. Per cost is Rs 4200/= head.

We are quite impressed with the cost and facilities about this World’s End Lodge. If you come from oversea and want to have better facilities, then this is NOT a hotel for you. If you want to be in the heart of nature with  decent facilities for reasonable price, then this is the best choice.

  • Condition of the road leading to the World’s End Lodge was not so great. First 2.5 km to 3 km are in better condition  but after that the drive got a bit rough since the road had been washed away in many places. The road is narrow too.
  • However, even a car with average ground-clearance could pass through if you drive carefully.
  • The cleanliness of World’s End Lodge, there were some issues specially in the room floor but other facilities are good enough.
  • Food was quite good and you can eat as much as possible 🙂
  • Price is reasonable
  • It is the best place to stay if you want to be with mother  nature.

Contact Number of World’s End Lodge

Since many people calling me personally to find the contact number of World’s End Lodge,I thought of note the contact numbers and the URL of the World’s End Lodge.

This is World’s End Lodge site URL : http://www.lankahotel.com/

Contact Page of the URL : http://www.lankahotel.com/contact-us

Address : 
Worlds End Lodge Resorts
Lower Ohiya
Sri Lanka

Hot Line : +94 11 4 203 015   or  +94 11 4 203 015


Hotel : + 94 57 567 69 77 or  + . 94 702 730 015
Mobile : +94 72 8 481 472
Fax : +94 11 2739 446
Email :  [email protected]




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