How to Book Yal Devi Express Train

If you decided to visit Jaffna, the very first thing that you need to do is to book the Yal Devi Express train.

There are many advantages and disadvantages in travelling by Yal Devi Express Train but I think, it is the best option if you want to reduce the travelling time and   traveler’s fatigue. Of course , you  might miss some scenaries and historic places to see if you travel by train as it does take a different route and will  not stop wherever  you want it to stop  🙂 .

In my opinion, If you are planning to visit Jaffna first time, then Yal Devi is the best option. Believe me !!!!

There is two options that you can take when you tries to a book the Yal Devi Express Train

Colombo Fort Pettha Railway Station front end side

Colombo Fort Pettha Railway Station front end side

Note: This is the Pettah railway station and It does not look very fancy compared to Jaffna Station. If you go by a vehicle, you many not find a parking space very easily.

  • Book Online via Mobile and Collect the ticket

  • Visit the Pettah station physically and book the Yal Devi

This  post is about how to book the ticket by visiting the railway station and I share  few links so that you can use the Mobile Call Center book the ticket. But bear in mind that, you need to visit some railway station to collect the tickets 🙂

1.Before doing anything, you need to book the ticket so you need to decide the days with your friends and families.

Note: NOW you have to book your ticket within a month.For example If somebody needs to book a ticket for July 16th, they she/he can book the ticket after June 17th.Please read the comment of Ravidu[Updated 02-Aug-2016]

2.Keep  few  options in selecting days. Example,  If you  want to visit Jaffna on Jan 20th for 3 nights, then have another option like 2nd of Feb for 3 days. You might not get the dates you want. Be careful about weekends and long weekends.  If you  need to book long weekend and week end, then it is better to book well in advance, at least 15 days or months in advance.Be aware of school vacations. I could not book the days that  I wanted so I used the second option.

Hey, I had to come back and discuss with my friend about the second option as he wanted to check with wife, of course, I had to check with my wife too. But If I had the both options, I would have booked the ticket without visiting twice. 🙂

3. Make sure, you book the return ticket also while you book inbound ticket .you  might get the  outbound ticket available days but not the return ticket therefore you have to plan well and keep  all  your options open. Believe me, this is not easy.

This is what happened me, When my option was not available, I called my friend then the ticketing officer told me move out from the counte as I was taking bit of time. He called the next person. I had a go back to at the end of the queue therefore I came back home :-((

4.You may need at least one hour to do this booking. Do not go during the lunch time or tea time of the Railway staff, there are lack of staff at that time and it takes very long time and also the queue is also very long. The best time is after 9:00AM and before 12:00PM or after 2:00PM and before 3:30PM.

5.If you want to book the Yal Devi Express Train, you need to visit to the counter “Berth/Intercity Servation office”.It is the counter , it is another section or room. There are a few counters. There is big board and it  can be noticed. it is very big.

Fort Colombo Railway Station

6.Do not go to the “89”.There is big board like the one below. It is not the place. Follow my instructions carefully !!!

Fort Colombo Railway Station 89 Counter

7,When you enter into the “Berth/Intercity Servation office” section, there are a few counters. Do not go the left counter. As you enter into the room, just turn on to the left.

Inside the 89 counter Fort Railway Station

8.There is information counter and supposed be a lady all the time to answer your queries, but she does not stay every time at the desk. She goes and gossips at the  ticketing counter. We can not blame her as just sitting there and doing nothing is a hard job.

I did not talk to her therefore I do not know whether she can speak English or Tamil. Try your luck 🙂

89 Counter information counter

Note: I went twice to book the ticket. I took this photo on the first day as she was not at desk. I saw she was inside other ticket issuing counter 🙂 jabbering away.

Information Counter 89 Lady

9.If you tell them that you need to buy a  ticket to go to Jaffna. They will give a wrong ticket as there are many trains that go to Jaffna at different times. Then how ? . Look at the Jaffna train schedule

Jaffna Train ScheduleJaffna Train Schedule

10. This is how you say “I want Yal Devi Air Condition Express Train which leaves at 5:50 at Pettah station” and also tell that “I need Rs 1,500 ticket”. I am NOT joking, you have to tell all these key words if you need to get the right ticket as there are many trains to Jaffna and there are may Yal Devi’s.

Jaffna Train Schedule

11. If you purchase a righ ticket, It look like the below.

Jaffna Express Train Ticket

Jaffna Express Train Ticket More details

Please read the ticket description very carefully. Since Jaffna train starts from “Mount Lavinia”, ticket shows starting point of the train but you can board into the train from Colombo Fort Pettha Station at 5:50AM

Check the Price, if you book for 3 people, they will give you one ticket but if you ask separate ticket, they do issue 3 tickets. Since the price is Rs 1500/= per person, it should be multiples of 1,500.

Destination of the trip as Kankesanthurai but do not worry you can get down from Jaffna station. The return ticket says, it start from Jaffna. Bit funny but this is the reality therefore do not worry.

Jaffna Express Train Ticket More details

If you buy the right ticket, then keep it safe. You need these tickets until you come back to Colombo again.

Use this link to Book the Yal Devi Express Train using Mobitel Cal Center facility

Please note that I booked the ticket on the 20th of March 2015 therefore counters and environment of Pettaha Railway station can be changed now therefore use your commence sense to get things done when you book the Yal Devi Express Train.


You can use Mobile Center to Book Yal Devi

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