Top 7 Things to Think If you Visit Baker’s Falls in Horton Plain

Do NOT Make These Mistakes  If You visit Baker’s Falls in Horton Plain.

After passing the Security check points at Horton Plains, you come to main trail section which leads to  Baker’s Falls in Horton Plain

We could NOT see the Red Bridge properly due to mist but I managed to clicked a few photos around the Red Bridge area.


The road from the check point to “Map of the Nature Trail” is built some what properly by Rock stones. Man Made Roads.


I personally prefer to have natural path than man built road to hike.

When you climb Adam’s Peak, you find this type of trail to walk, man made trail road.

1. When you reach to the “Map of the Nature Trail” location, you have to take a major decision. This entire post is to help you to take that decision.



Since the trail is built in a circular fashion, you can start your hike either way and can come to same point where you start.

The entire trail is 9 km. it is not a very easy journey for most of the people. If you accompanying few children or unfit adults, you may find more complex issues to handle and overcome.


My experience also says that, it is not a easy hike.


I asked from several foreigners, “What is the Best route” after finishing the Horton plains trail. I asked them, if you were to select the trail path again, what would be your selection.

Do you start from right or left 🙂 at the Map of the Nature Trail. This is a major decision to take. I help you take this decision.

2. 90% of Visitors take the left side  road to begin. They first visit mini world’s end, world end and then Baker’s Falls in Horton Plain etc.


Every visitors take this route as this is the recommended route by the many professionals and Tourist Guides.

As I mentioned to you , 9km is not a easy walk. I also got bit tired after 4km of walking. therefore you have to select the best route, if you want to see “Best Part of the Horton Plains”  in first 1/2 of the journey.


Believe me !!!!. when you come to certain point, you just want to finish the hike as you get tried very soon. you never enjoy the beauty of the Horton Plain after 4km unless you come to major point like word’s end or mini world’s end.

Therefore it is very important to take the best decision. the decision about which road, are you going to take FIRST.

3. The best part to the Horton plains is : Enjoy the atmosphere of the Plain and spend some time in front of the Baker’s Falls in Horton Plain.

If you turn to left side, you only see the thick jungle that you walk up the World’s end. Let me repeat it again. you only see the Thick Jungle beside the rail. Nothing to enjoy.

Please note that this is what we believe. If you visit the horton plains.

4.if you take the direct route, the right side of the trail first, then up the World’s end , you find only Plain and Jungle on the top of the mountain.

Horton Plan, it is the definition for a “Plain”.

For me , it was like, Heaven has descended on Earth !!!!


5.If you take the Left side trail, when you are close to Baker’s Falls, you have climbed very steep hill. it is bit of adventures hill to climbed and also very tiring activity after walking about 5km.

A lot of Foreigners asked from me “Are there any more hills to climb after see the Baker’s Falls”.

I did not answer that question. I just smiled with them !!!



The most scenic plain of the Horton Plain located in-between Baker’s Falls and “Map of Nature Trial”. you have to spend much time in these location than other places.

6.The most of visitors, just take a photo of Chiminey Pool and walk away  rather than spending some time around it as they are dead tired after walking 9km.

If take the left road, you would missed this valuable experience. we spent at least 45 minutes around the Chiminey Pool. most of the people setup the camp sites around Chiminey Pool. it is very beautiful place to relax and enjoy.

If you take the left road, then you can enjoy the Chiminey Pool camp site area and Baker’s Fall first.

7.Baker’s Falls in Horton Plain is the widest water fall in Sri Lanka. you have to see this first before World’s End with a relax eyes.


When you get closer, you hear the water gushing sound of the Baker’s Falls.

When you reach the Baker’s Falls, you will be stunned .I could not talk and could not believe my own eyes of it’s beauty.

What a Beauty!!!!. How come, the nature is so beautiful.

I do not know how to express my experience and the feeling when I reach the place.


I noticed and observed everybody around Baker’s Falls. Everbody had smile and gloving faces while they watch the Baker’s Fall.

I am sure, I would have added a couple of years to my life just being there 🙂

I clicked many photos but did not come up well as I did not notice that there were a lot of  water vapours settled on camera lense .

Please be careful about your electronic gadgets. The atmosphere is filled with water vapours.

You need to clean your camera lenses several time when you take your photos as a lot of water capers settles on your camera lens..

There is stage that you can stand and watch the Baker’s Falls in Horton Plain. It is quite spacious place. It is a two story stage.


If you are an adventurer, you could go down to the feet of Baker’ fall. there is trail that lead to Baker’s fall feet.

If you go there during the monsoons, be careful as water stream is very rough and steady.

If you really want to relax the mind and body, the stage view is more than enough. It is up to you to decide whether you want to go down on the trail to the Baker’s Fall.


Take the Right turn. Do not follow the others. First enjoy the  Horton Plains and enjoy the Baker’s Falls in Horton Plain natural beauty before you get tired.

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