Scuba Diving & Snorkeling in Blue Waters in Sri Lanka Trincomalee

It was back in September last year 2016 when two of my friends wanted to go Trincomalee to do some diving sessions since they were about to get their diving license.

Without worrying about the transport methods, we planned to get the night mail train to Trincomalee. We contacteda diving center at Nilaveli, before we leave Colombo. So they can arrange few diving sessions for us at pigeon island, Nilaveli.

To avoid to crowd in beach during weekends, we left Colombo in a Thursday evening by train. We booked trains from the reservation office at Fort Railway Station.

It was nearly 550/= for ticket per person in second class and with the booking charges, it’s anyway less than 800/= (approximately 7$).

Train left fort railway station around 8.20 pm. Since it was a tiring long journey, we all slept all the way killing more than 5 hours to reach Trincomalee.

Train arrived Trincomalee at 6.00 am in the morning and instead of getting a three wheeler all the way, we managed to walk to the bus stand and have breakfast.

Only few shops were opened at that time, we had delicious Ulundu wade and parata with some traditional Tamil curries at a small food shop around the bus stand.

We have found a cheap place to stay for the night at Nilaveli, since we all just wanted to live next to sea.

It’s actually a big house turned in to a homestay accommodation. We got a bus to Nilaveli and reach that place without any hassle even we didn’t know Tamil.

The owner of the house was extremely friendly and offered us a cool drink made with Nelli as known as Indian gooseberry.

Room was not tiled, but with two beds and attached bathroom. We agreed to pay 1800 LKR per night for three person.

We all were too tired to do diving on the same day after a long tiring journey. So decided to take a nap and visit marble beach in and Koneshwaram temple in the afternoon.

Since our breakfast was too heavy, we slept around 5 hours directly and in the afternoon we got up and asked the home owner to arrange us a three wheeler if possible to go marble beach.

We came to beach around 1.30 in the afternoon and walked across the air force resort to reach the public area of the beach.

Marble beach is a safe place to swim that is mostly calm & shallow. With its turquoise water and the long section of golden soft sand, it is almost a piece of a paradise of what a stifling beach is made-up to look like.

Ideal place for a perfect relaxation for the life to sit back and enjoy the evening without hassle in a calm beach.

After spending an hour and bathing under hot sun, we managed to get a three wheeler to Koneshwaram temple.

We actually wanted to see sunset from there. After bargaining the price with a three wheeler driver, we finally agreed to pay 400/= to the trip. Make sure you have to bargain with them if you want to get a good price.

Koneshwaram Temple

Koneshwaram temple is a classical-medieval Hindu Kovil, which is dedicated to God Shiva. There is a big statue of God entrance of the temple complex.

It is a famous place among Hindu pilgrims who are not fortunate with have babies. One side of the temple is a dedicate place to hang small cots and pray for the babies.

Edge of the temple is a huge rock called as swami rock. It’s believed as a large pillar of the ancient temple which was located at the Trincomalee bay.

Lovers Leap

We have discovered a view point of the temple where we can sit and see the boats going across the sea. One of those huge pillars are hiding a tale of woe of a Dutch officer’s daughter who has committed a suicide by leaping off the rock into the swirling sea of the pillars after abandoned by her lover.

She leap to the pathway of the ship where her lover, the young Dutch officer. This also known as lovers leap after that tragedy.

We stayed there until the sunset to watch the spectacular sunset over the town, it was really an amazing experience for us seeing sun hiding into the horizon across golden clouds.

Since we had plans for second day, we arrived the guest house by using public transport. Owner of the guest house informed that there is a shop nearby if we want to get dinner.

We had a bath and walked down the lane to reach that small food shop. It reminded us some Tamil hotels at Maradana. Food were really delicious and place was so clean unlike other places. After having a great dinner we returned to Rooms and had a tight sleep until next day 8.30am.

Next day we had to visit Nilaveli and get diving sessions. We were able to get a bus to Nilaveli after having breakfast from a small shop and from there we had to get a three wheeler to the beach.

Pigeon Island

I was not interested of diving so I had my snorkeling equipment and other two met the divers from the diving center.

Package included diving gear and boat ride to the island. All together we paid 7000 LKR for the diving center.

Boat rides are available to the island from the beach. Pigeon Island is one of the two marine national parks of Sri Lanka.

Along picturesque view of the sea and the pigeon island is very popular with the backpackers. .

Once you get in to the island you can walk around the island and do snorkeling without any worry, it’s always safe with life guards around the island.

Snorkeling around the island is one of an amazing experience with the view of sea corals underneath crystal clear water.

Most of the tourists visit there to enjoy snorkeling at the Pigeon Island. Best time to visit Pigeon Island is September to May.

Both my friends did diving under the supervision of experienced divers from International diving school Nilaveli.

If you wish to do some scuba diving at Nilaveli it’s better to contact them before you visit to avoid disappointments since most of the places are totally occupied with the divers during the season.

After having a great diving and snorkeling experience we returned to the long Nilaveli beach. We were too tired to walk down the road to get a three wheeler.

So we decided to walk down the beachuntil we meet a beach restaurant since we were craving for some sea food.

On the way we saw some fishing boats and fisherman cleaning their nets after morning fishing session. We met a small house stay which offers rice and curry for tourists and were lucky to have some traditional crab and prawn curries with rice.

After having that meal we got a three wheeler from there and reached the main road to take a bus. We had to get a bus from Trincomalee to reach Colombo around 3pm.

So we went to the guest house and got the bags. We thanked the owner and did the payment for the stay.

His charges was cheap comparing to other places around the city suburbs. We had a walk around the town before we get the bus.

Spot Deer was a common sight in the city, they were roaming around the grass lands of the city without any fear.

We got our bus from the stand and after killing more than 8 hours in the bus, we arrived Colombo in the mid night. Even it was so tiring to travel in the bus for a long time, we were happy about the journey to Trincomalee.