My Unforgettable Experience of Mountains in the Mist, Knuckles Mountain Range

The Knuckles Mountain Range located between two districts of Matale and Kandy, in central Sri Lanka.

As the entire area is dressed in heavy coatings of cloud, in Sinhalese it’s called as “Dumbara” which means mountain in the mist.

Knuckles consists few beautiful waterfalls inside the forest and home for several endemic birds and reptiles. The Several Trekking paths are there for observing nature and for an incredible hiking experience.

I have been there once from “Thangappuwa” side to hunt waterfalls. So this year we decided to visit Knuckles from Riverston side.

Since much planned trips never happened, I just asked few of my friends to get ready for an adventure in a long weekend of last September 2015. One of my cousin has got his own 4WD, so I checked with him too 🙂 .

He agreed to come with us to the trip so we got free transport 🙂 haha !!!!

In the morning we started our journey from Colombo fort, I always use this as a starting point for trips.

It was around 9.30am when we reach Raththota. I have an uncle at Raththota and he promised to arrange accommodation for a night.

After keeping our unnecessary things at his Place and having breakfast, we started the journey to Riverston first.

Bambarakiri Waterfall- One of the Best in Sri Lanka

As the first destination, we stopped by a beautiful waterfall called as Bambarakiri Ella. Its few meters away from the main road with a Suspension bridge over the waterfall.

Even the waterfall is not flowing with the highest force, it’s highly advised not to get in to water since it has already taken more than 30 souls.After taking pictures and enjoying the beauty we got back to the route of Riverston. Sadly we found lots of empty beer cans around the waterfall.

You have to think twice before you consumer alcohols at these beautiful places, in my personal opinion alcohol not necessary to enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty. Lots of other garbage also were there.

Editor’s Note: We found the same and we checked with the villages about this and then they old us that, most of littering is done by villages but not by the people who come out side.

VHF Transmission Tower in Riverstone

Even it was late morning, the whole area was full of mist. By following a rough road, we arrived to the junction towards the peak. A well-known VHF transmission tower is located on the peak of Riverston.

We started our journey to the peak from the junction after parking vehicle there. Make sure to get rid of leech attacks on the way to the peak.The whole area was covered by mist, and even it was around 11 am we felt like its early morning in Colombo with the cold wind.

Riverstone and Pitawala Pathana

After reaching the peak and roaming around the Riverston, we wanted to visit Pitawala Pathana since we found nothing interesting about a transmission tower.

So we walked along a road to the ticketing office a buy a ticket. After buying tickets, we entered to a beautiful meadow with an amazing view.

Ticket prices were less than 30 LKR for Adults. But it’s not the same price for the foreigners.

After walking across the grassy land we reached to the mini worlds end at Pitawala Pathana. It gives you a spectacular view of the surrounding areas with clouds underneath your feet.

View point of the mini worlds end isn’t not a very safe place to stand and see if there are heavy winds across the area.

So you have to be careful if you want to get pictures from there. From a one slip away, you will end up at the bottom part of the knuckles region :-).

Breath taking view of the surroundings and the misty mountains made us stay there for a long time enjoying the beauty.

As its name, “Dumbara mitiyawatha” was full of mist. View of Lakegala and knuckles region was visible to us from one end.

Paddy fields of the underneath valleys were an amazing view for us with the unusual “Helmalu” paddy fields.

Helmalu paddy fields are not prepared on same ground level. It’s a unique feature of paddy fields of hill country of Sri Lanka.

Our guide kumara was explaining us the story of King Rawana and Lakegala. It’s believed that King Rawana had an abodes on the peak of the Lakegala.

Sera Ella, another Waterfall

After having prepared bread with Seeni sambol, we decided to turn back and visit Sera Ella.

Our guide told that if we got across Puwakpitiya, which will be the easiest way to visit the Sera Ella.

There are several routes to reach Sera Ella from Pitawala Pathana. Locals use these roads daily basis, so it’s better if you can find a local guide or ask directions from villagers.After returning back to same way, we got in to the vehicle and followed the route to Puwakpitiya.

Road was not in good condition, but scenic view of the surroundings made us comfortable with the ride.

After few minutes we arrived at the beautiful waterfall Sera Ella. We were amazed with the view of the waterfall even the water level was not much as we expected.

Height of the waterfall is not more than 10 meters, but width of the waterfall is more than 20 meters. The best view of the waterfall can be witnessed if you visit there during monsoons.

Sera Ella is formed by a combination of Puwakpitiya Oya and Thelgamuwa Oya.

Bottom of the waterfall is made into a big pool. Even the water level is not high we were advised to not to get into the pool. As per the instructions of Kumara, there are some big deep holes in the rock surface of the pool.

Instead of getting to the water, we walked to a side of the waterfall.

For the first time in my life I walked behind a waterfall!

A small cave behind the waterfall made a way to walk into the waterfall.

It was really amazing experience to walk behind the water curtain. Water was sprinkling across the cave and it was bit cold inside the cave.

Our guide advised us to not to be so close to the slippery edges of the cave. After staying inside the cave for another few minutes, we came out with the darkness flowing around us.

We were so desperate to find a natural pool to have a bath at that time. So we walked passing the waterfall to reach a hidden place to bath, which is not disturbed by tourists.

But water level was really low than rainy days. After having a dip of the ice cold water of Thelgamuwa Oya we felt so relaxed. It was a perfect relaxation for both mind and soul after a tiring day

It was around 6pm we enter to the main road to come back to Raththota. Since it was too cold after the bath, we stopped by a small shop next to the road and had plan tea with hot egg hoppers.

At around 8 we came to my uncle’s place after having an amazing journey.