Ice Cream War in Jaffna & Why Jaffna People Crazy over Ice Cream

My First Impression at Lingan Ice Cream

Nallur is blessed with two of Jaffna’s most iconic ice cream parlours – Rio Ice Cream and Lingan Ice Cream.

There are several other ice cream parlours or shops in the area(Sooriyaa), these two ice cream parlours enjoy the most fanfare, and have their own fans based on brand and the taste.

It was the 3rd of April 2015, the second day of our  Jaffna tour, we visited Rio Ice Cream on the first day with some of our colleagues, but this time we wanted to give a try at Lingan Ice Cream.

Some of our friends went to Rio and we went to Lingan Ice Cream.




Inside View of Lingan Ice Cream, It is just another Shop

Lingan Ice Cream parlour looks like a normal shop which you find in Jaffna. What I mean is  the interior of the Ice Cream parlours.

It is basically  built using aluminium. I am sure, Rio Ice Cream has better Brand Manager than Lingan.

Guys,I am a Brand Strategist :-).

There is a drastic difference between Rio and Lingan brands. Rio has invested a lot of energy to improve the Brand Image of the company but Lingan, long way to go!!!

The place is not very cold even though there were few A/Cs.

lingan-ice-cream-in-jaffna14 lingan-ice-cream-in-jaffna19

Since Ari(Gentleman who wearing Green colour shirt) was not well, he did not order any thing but rest of us ordered many things.


Menu of Lingam Ice Cream Shop


Lingan carries many menu items than Rio Ice creams and those are not very expensive.

You can have a decent item for reasonable price.

At Lingan  items are  more cheaper than at Rio.





What We ordered

I ordered the chocolate Nuts ice cream and Nithya ordered authentic Nelli crush.

Ari asked us to try this authentic Nelli crush but I did not want to try too many things 🙂 as Health is my Wealth.

Further, Ari told us that Nelli Crush, made famous by the nuns of Thologatti, near Jaffna.

Chocolate Nuts Ice cream was good not too sweet like Rio but I enjoyed Rio ice cream better.It was also well worth the money we paid for it.







Sooriyaa Ice Cream also very close by but we did not try from this place.



Jaffna people  are crazy over ice cream and I asked many people what is the reason. Nobody gave me satisfying answer.

In my opinion, Jaffna peninsula heat waves are more stronger than any part of the country and when people of Jaffna wants to cool themselves, the best way to do  is  to  have a good ice cream.

Due to  civil war, they did not have access to  coca cola drinks and Elephant house drinks  are available every corner of Jaffna. The cold thing was , Ice Cream. That could be the reason that Jaffna people too obsess with Ice Cream.

If you visit  Jaffna or Nallur Temple, do not forget to visit Rio and Lingan ice cream parlours as it gives you long lasting cherishable memories.