Ice Cream that Rocks your Taste Buds, Rio Ice Cream in Jaffna

My wife’s Favourite Ice Cream Parlour in Sri Lanka,Rio Ice Cream

Jaffna, the northern city with a unique flavor of Sri Lanka, has many features that only she can boast of.

After the civil war ended,thousands flock to this Jaffna city just to get the feel of the culture, the people, and her exquisite cuisines.

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For many visits, their trip to Jaffna would not be completed without a stop at its most popular ice Cream Shops in Jaffna peninsula, Rio Ice Cream parlour

When I was planning to visit Jaffna , I made it very clear to Ari that  I want to visit Rio Ice Cream shop in Jaffna.

After lunch, we visited Jaffna Fort, Jaffna Library and Nallur Temple and ended the first phase of our Journey after visiting Rio Ice Cream parlour.

Out Side View of Rio Cream in Jaffna


Rio Ice Cream in Jaffna, established in 1970 as a small ice cream shop and actually stands for the Rathinam Industrial Organisation(RIO).

They may have faced  many challenges during the civil war time but it kept going with growing popularity due t0  its  good quality and friendly price.

Its menu features about approximately  30 Ice Creams based products including fresh fruit salad and jelly, ice creams.

The milk flavoured Rio ice cream is  very unique to Rio than its competitors. In my opinion, it has an unusual taste, but it is very delicious.

Since Rio Ice Cream has many unique flavours,its also blends with the rest of the added flavors to make it a heavenly experience.







Source: The Sunday Times -15th-Sep-2013

Decent Interior of Rio Ice Cream Shop in Jaffna

Rio has very unique and decent interior as a shop. It is much better than the outlet in Wellawatta.

In my opinion, it is has  more better interior  than any of Colombo shops.the best thing about that is  it has A/C 🙂 . Yes, correct A/C, in Jaffna.

Most of shops or restaurants in Jaffna do not have A/C facilities therefore When you find a A/C shops, everybody wants to flock into.

Specially people who comes from Colombo,would love to rest in a A/C shop in Jaffna.

Tell you  Frankly, I did not feel the heat much 🙂 but other office colleagues, they suffered from heat wave in Jaffna during the April 2015.

The lighting system and design of the furniture, the way is arranged, I was impressed.






Ice Cream Menu of Rio Ice Cream in Jaffna

The biggest challenge is to decide what ice cream to order when you go with your friends  or even alone.

There are many varieties of flavours: There are scoops, sundaes, specials, and other ice-cream offshoots.

The options include the usual chocolate/vanilla/Strawberry staples along with some exotic fruity ones like Mango/Blueberry/other Fruits.

The best way to order is, tell the Menu Number, 10 or 15. Some time, these ladies may not understand pronunciation of our English words.

We ordered based on the Numbers on the Menu.

Rio-Ice-Cream-in-Jaffna5 Rio-Ice-Cream-in-Jaffna22 Rio-Ice-Cream-in-Jaffna6

In general, Jaffna ladies are very shy and When I was taking this photos, she could not take the order properly 🙂

But took the permission before taking the photos :-).

These two ladies, take approximately 500 order per day generally.


My other colleagues selected fancy flavours. Since Ari was not well, he ordered a cup of Coffee or Tea, I guess.


This is what I had.

The best advice that I can give you is,skip a meals afterwards or before visit this place,to prevent weight gain, as the ice cream is sweeter than any other ice cream sell in Sri Lanka

They do not make sorbets and all ice cream were  made of milk.

The owner of Rio Ice-Cream Company Ratnam Jeyabaskaran once said “Our ice-cream has no chemicals and, it’s all natural. We use more milk and less water and that makes our ice-cream more tastier”



There are many other choices that you can oder with the Ice Creams. They do good amount of up-selles with these Ice Cream menus.


Other  Facts  About Rio Ice Cream


This is the photo of the Founder of Rio Ice Cream.

Hat off to this great Man.


Summary of Rio Ice Cream

40 ago, when this Rio Ice cream shop opened, no one would have dream of such a growth as of now.

This small outlet has reached people globally to such an extent that those who visit Jaffna Town make it a ritual to experience what is believed to be one of the best ice cream parlours in Sri Lanka.

‘Rio Ice Cream’ has become so popular within a very short span of time,after 2009.

It carries a unique brand along with  Jaffna, basically , it has become synonymous with Jaffna.

The unique flavours,it has to offer has made it a big hit among all age groups who visit the Jaffna peninsula as a visitor.

Although these ice creams carry  sweeter taste than one would like, the mixture and the diverse flavor continues to attract hundreds to its outlet day buy day.

In addition, the company is in the process of providing ice-cream to several hotels in Jaffna.

Rio ice-cream has been rewarded as the best ice-cream parlour in Jaffna by the Jaffna Municipal Council, in 2011

At present, Rio Ice-cream welcomes about 500 customers per day and this number increases during the Nallur festival